Mated With My Hater

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2013
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Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to. She was an outsider. That was until one day a new student enrolled at the school. He gave her tingles every time he passed her and made her blush whenever he looked at her. He was popular. The problem is he hates her because she was an outsider, unpopular and lacked beauty. She is his mate yet he denies the fact that he is falling in love with her. Lanna won’t survive in his world because he is a vampire and she has yet to figure that out when the time is right. He is Liam Payne, the heir to the throne and time is running out. ©2012|SAISXO.


8. Chapter 8


Chapter 8


"OMG is that who I think it is" I released the hold I had on my head from my hands and turned towards the person who said it, there Caitlyn glared straight at me.

"OMG its Liam...." Ruby, Caitlyn's twin slut, just shouted out the right answer. She deserves a merit. I whined quietly to myself.

"That is not me. I don't look that ugly" my head shot up straight, he did not just say that. I got up from my seat roughly making it tip backward falling onto the floor and turned to face Liam.

"Are you saying I can't draw? Show me you can do better" I shouted he just stared at me and simply slumped back into his chair but someone snatched his book off the table.

"You want to see if he can do better, look at his book then" he threw the book in front my feet but Liam got up without hesitation and started his way down the class to get the book. I grabbed the book quickly and opened the first page; I stood there stunned staring at what lay open in front of my eyes. It was a perfect flawless drawing of me staring out the window, I turned around and was standing there staring into a muscular body, looking up I saw Liam staring hugely into my face with a stone cold face.

"Give. Me. The. Book" he said through gritted teeth, I quickly left the book on the table grabbing my stuff and my book out of Mr. D'Laurence hand and ran out of the room. I ran as fast as I can but because I wasn't looking I accidently pushed into someone and a clatter of books fell onto the floor. I instantly bent down and started picking up the books.

"I'm so sorry" I looked up gazing into the same brown eyes but it was more feminine.

"Nicolette" I said shocked.

"Lanna, hi" she said smiling as usual, I slowly got up and returned her books.

"Your brother is a total pain in the ass" I blurted out, she looked at me funny.

"Why is he doing this?" she said quietly but it was clear enough for me to hear.

"Why is he doing what?" I asked in confusion, she looked at me with such sorrow, why?

"Ha-ha... Nothing, I meant his been acting funny the past few days" she said. I heard sudden heels behind me it was only one person that has heels like that.

"Lanna Môn Claire!" high squeaks shouts can be heard behind me, I quickly turned on my heels and came face to face with Caitlyn and her twin Ruby.

"What is it?" I questioned her with disgust.

"I want you to make Liam Payne like me" I can't believe she just said that in front of my face and Nicolette.

"How do you expect me to do that then, the guy doesn't even like me yet even talk to me as much" I glared into her eyes.

"He doesn't have to like you b*tch, who would! Make him like me or I swear to god I will make your life a living hell" she screamed.

I don't know what I'm getting myself into but I can definitely sense something bad.

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