Mated With My Hater

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2013
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Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to. She was an outsider. That was until one day a new student enrolled at the school. He gave her tingles every time he passed her and made her blush whenever he looked at her. He was popular. The problem is he hates her because she was an outsider, unpopular and lacked beauty. She is his mate yet he denies the fact that he is falling in love with her. Lanna won’t survive in his world because he is a vampire and she has yet to figure that out when the time is right. He is Liam Payne, the heir to the throne and time is running out. ©2012|SAISXO.


28. Chapter 28

Lanna's P.O.V


The back of my head was tormenting the hell out me. It almost felt as if my brain was continuously trying to get out of my head on the verge of exploding out my skull and damn was the pain excruciatingly unbearable. I'd rather be dead already than have to go through this sort of suffering. My eyelids were too heavy to open up for me so I had to use my other four senses I had left. First I used my nose, the smell of something burning and something in the room smelt of vanilla and jasmine weird but I could almost imagine a breathtakingly beautiful serene garden full of flowers. Second was my sense of touch, I attempted to move my hands but for some reason they decided to stay in a paralysis mode failing to move my hands anywhere I moved onto my last two senses I had left and I know I can't taste anything so my tounge will be useless and that just left me with my good old ears. All I heard was complete and utter silence. Silence. Just complete silence I couldn't even hear the sound of the wind or leaves or anything, I couldn't even hear my own movement. Okay maybe I'm deaf and that's worse. Just as I was about to give up a voice sliced through the air like a knife clean and precise

"How is she doing?" the sound of a guys voice met my ears. I can hear, I'm not deaf, yippe... Okay enough of the mini celebration let's just get back to the conversation

"She's doing completely fine. The impact of the blow just knocked her out unconscious. She should awake in a couple of hours" this voice belonged to a female, the sound was small. I could imagine her being somewhat petite and shy but I'm sure when I wake up (which would be soon) the figure of the person will tell me otherwise. She may be some crazy lady for all I knew

"Thank you, Naomi. You may go" the guys voice met my ears more clearer this time. It had a hint of command and leadership sure the voice sounded strong but I could just imagine him as some warrior with a muscled body, broad shoulders, I can't exactly imagine how his face would look like but I'm sure he would be some blond - browned guy with a clean-shaven face and probably blue eyes. I attempted to open my eyelids once more and this time it was on my side. I fluttered my eyelids to adjust to the surroundings lights, it wasn't too dark but it wasn't exactly that bright either just a bit dim I guess. I took in my surroundings once I adjusted to the light, it seemed like I was in some room, like I said the lighting was dim so I can't exactly describe how the walls look like right now but I did get a glimpse of a balcony and it seemed to me like this room was a grand room. This time my hands started to move involuntarily to take in where I was sleeping, the soft touch of expensive silk met my hands, that was when my whole body shot up in seconds. I sat in the bed and got out immediately the mode of paralysis soon left my body allowing me to gain full control over my body and the feeling was absolutely grand. My joints were aching from the lengthed lie down I had, I took the few minutes I had standing up to exercise but as soon as I finished dizziness swepted over my head and then returned my horrible tormenting headache.

I dropped onto the bed my hand touching my head. When is this stupid ache gonna disappear? Ignoring the pain I walked off in the direction of the balcony and the scene my eyes encountered was enough to blow me off my feet literally that was if I wasn't holding the nearby desk. The sky was gleaming not blue or black like it usaully but it had a swirl of purple, a few reds and greens and the buildings. Well I could say something about the buildings if there was actually any. I was staring at nothing but I sensed that I was much higher up in the building than I thought I was because instead of staring at other buildings I ended up staring at white pine trees. White trees. That's when it all hit me I came through a portal alone and then those orangy coloured eyes and I had no idea where I was

"I see your awake now" the voice I heard not a couple minutes ago met my ears once again. I slowly turned stiffly to face the person and once my eyes reached the person I took a quick examination. He was dressed in normal deep black jeans and a tee which clinged onto him a bit too much but it was enough to tell me that this guy was pretty toned underneath and lastly he was wearing some plain white sneakers. My gaze travelled up to meet his face I could see a strong square jawline, pink lustful lips that any girl would love to kiss, a firm nose and he had floppy unusual blue hair it was kind of hard to decide whether it was dyed or natural but my guesses somehow decided it was dyed. My eyes lowered itself to admire a dark cobalt blue with hints of green eyes staring immensely at me. I could feel an indication that this guy might be cocky and I was right

"You finished staring at my body and face?" his eyes showed that glimmer of complete cockiness and amuesment. He seemed like he was my age 18 maybe older, I don't know but he was definately hot. What! I couldn't help it and I know I have Liam and no one can come close to the sexiness he holds but I am a girl and its normal to ogle other hot guys

"Have you finished with your train of thought?" there he goes again asking another question when I haven't answered the first one

"Where am I?" I questioned back at him, he simply leaned against the doorframe arms crossed and started staring up and down my body without any embarresment either before meeting my face again. He put on a lopsided grin which showed off his hidden dimples, that alone would make a girl's heart melt like chocolate but it didn't do it for me

"You might wanna put some clothes on, I find your legs quite distracting and that's not the only thing that's caught my attention" my jaw dropped open literally. He had the nerve to eye me up and down and then act all perverted on me, that's disgusting

"Ergh... your such a perv" he just shrugged but I could see he was enjoying me squirm in disgust well I'm glad he finds all this amusing. I turned around and grabbed the folded up robe on the bed and covered myself up

"Okay, see I'm covered" I pointed to myself

"Now talk! Where am I?" he walked into the room and sat in a couch furthest away from me, he lifted uo both legs and laid it on the table crossed over each other just like his arms

"You are in Isadora" I had no idea what that was and as if he read my mind

"Its a land of all fantastical creatures. We all have rights to different parts of this land and there are trespassing rules" stupid me, duh, of course it had to do with something fantastical

"Right and why am I here" I asked, he shifted from his seating position and looked at me dead straight in the eye

"You came through a portal, someone knocked you out and my uncle was kind enough to take you in. Now, you came through a portal and we haven't had a person in more than 10 years come through a portal which means you have come through at a mission or your intrudence in our world means a sign for something bad about to happen its either those two or your just passing by which would just be weird" I stared at him once more.

I wished I got someone here with me and now I'm alone with people I have no idea whether to trust or not.


Liam's P.O.V


"Sorry for the disruption Sire but I have come with urgent news" I lifted my hand to call him over and in an instant he was at the front of the desk

"Sire, we have sited a source of magic in the forests. We don't know whether it is a setup or something else but we have a theory that a portal has been opened, in more than 10 years Sire, it can't be possible for a portal to be opened without The Great himself to conjure a portal. It's impossible" in more than 10 years we never ever sited a portal unless... No! She wouldn't be that stupid to go on her own, would she?

"Thank you for the notice you may go" he vanished and I was left standing in the office alone. The gathering still went on unless I told them to vanish of course. After all my father was in Isadora now and while he ruled that part of the world I ruled all vampires in the mundane world. I was the next heir to the throne, the only other child in lead well except for my sister Nicolette but she's still young and I am the oldest. I decided to look for Lanna after that little fight I had left her in the study to cool off. I love Lanna too much to let her get hurt. I shook my head at our last conversation and went up the stairs taking the lucky guess that maybe she might be in my room, most probably sleeping everything off. Once I reached my bedroom door I pushed open the door to be greeted with nothing. The bed was still made and everything was still in place the only thing I could sense missing was a bag and.... Lanna's things. I'm sure she's just cleaned up, yeah that's the only theory to her stuff not being here. Just as I was about to turn around to go and find her something glinted from the corner of my eyes, turning back round I walked over to the glint and there I saw a envelope with my name gracefully written and a medium sized emerald heart pendant necklace alongside it. I gripped the envelope tight, not wanting to find out the suprise lurking in the letter but I didn't let fears get in the way because I have no fears the soon to be Prince of Vampires is never feared people fear him well not when it costs a loved ones life than I will panic like a maniac. I ripped open the envelope and got the sheet of paper out reading the graceful words slowly


Dear, Mr Liam Payne

God, I don't even know where to start with you. When I met you I didn't have enough courage to call you an obnoxious egotistical prick and I'm glad I didn't have the courage to say that because as I got to know you... To be honest you weren't the person I thought you were known to be and I'm glad I had the chance to know you. I may not be the perfect girl with a great model body or the perfect sleek hair or the most beautiful face that you can stare at all day but I know you are perfect and you simply don't deserve to spend your life with someone like me who is nothing of your type. I know what you're thinking, I AM perfect for YOU, right. Oh, god this is so hard for me as it is for you. You are that special someone who turned my life the right way when it was upside down, you were the one that was willing to give your life out for someone that you despised, you were that missing peice that completed my life as cheesy as all this sounds I just wanted to write one more thing.

I Love You.

As shocking as it may sound its true, I love you and after all you read you didn't expect me to pop something like this up right. I am falling in love with you Liam Payne and if you loved me like I think you do then let be at peace and allow me to do what I need to do. Alone.

If I never sat on that seat next you on that first day I may never have met you and none of the things I'm going through might've happened but for some bizzare reason I'm really glad I did.

By the time you have finished this letter I will be long gone.

Love Lanna xxx

P.S Guard this with your life its not much but I want this to remind me of you if anything was to happen to me, which I have a feeling something Is likely to happen.

LANNA! I screamed the name out loud in my head with nothing but pain. No! She is more than perfect, I don't need a girl with supermodel body to like her, I like Lanna being the person she is not someone people want her to be. How could she possibly let things like appearance go passed her, she doesn't have to worry about that she's beautiful the way she is. But what suprised me more was that she loved me. I can't believe the first day I met her I thought nothing but horrible things about her ugly, nerdy a loser she was unpopular and I allowed my stupid egotiscal prick side to get in the way all I never knew that day was she was something special underneath all I had to do was try to scrape beneath that skin and I had to be that late to figure all that out

"Lanna!" I roared out with torment. My soulmate wasn't here with me, in this house, the girl I loved was alone someplace without me to protect her. I had no idea what would happen to her and if something bad did happen to her than I would want nothing more than to be suffering that pain alongside her or even die. Without her I am nothing

"Lanna, what did you do?" I whispered, I grabbed the necklace and saw the pendant was slightly ajar digging my fingers in I opened it to see on one side a picture of me and on the other... my beautiful Lanna. I stormed out the room both the necklace and the letter in my hands, down the stairs and into the living room where everyone was still minding their own buisness, greeting others and having their own converstations. The sight of everyone being cheerful while they had no idea of the more important stuff happening made it all the more unbearable

"Vanish. All of you. NOW!" I shouted out with more force then expected and within half a second the room was emptied with only my mother and the boys and some of their mates

"Honey, what's wrong?" All the boys and girls had their eyes trained on me eager to find out the reason behind my sudden anger and the finished party

"A portal opened and Lanna is gone. I have an idea where she is gone and isn't it obvious she's something different mother she ain't like us. Shes gone to find her brother and mum without us. Mother she's alone. Alone" the feeling of her being alone with no one is tearing parts of my heart apart

"Oh... Honey. Come here" she walked over to me and hugged me tight even though I was taller than her now I still enjoyed her comfort. I closedy eyes and all I could picture was my beautiful Lanna dancing around with me, laughing, and simply enjoying the comfort of me

"Liam, don't worry we will find her" I heard Harry's voice cut through stern and with full determination. Yes we will find her and I know the right person to conjure us a portal.

I love you Lanna and I will find you.

I promise.

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