Mated With My Hater (EDITING IN PROCESS)

Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to. She was an outsider. That was until one day a new student enrolled at the school. He gave her tingles every time he passed her and made her blush whenever he looked at her. He was popular. The problem is he hates her because she was an outsider, unpopular and lacked beauty. She is his mate yet he denies the fact that he is falling in love with her. Lanna won’t survive in his world because he is a vampire and she has yet to figure that out when the time is right. He is Liam Payne, the heir to the throne and time is running out. ©2012|SAISXO.


22. Chapter 22

I pushed the chair back as I got up and Liam swiftly turned me around facing him

"Lanna, who was it?" I couldn't concentrate, all that came out of Liam's mouth was noise that's all it was. The word that echoed louder than anything was.. Dad

"Take me home" I brang both my arms up and hugged myself staying as calm and neutral as I possibly could. At first Liam didn't move or say anything but then bought me closer to him and hugged me tight. I guess going into comfort in Liam's arms made me feel so much safer than I ever did with Harry

"Okay" he showed me the way out the door and we both walked side by side.

"Liam wait" I grabbed onto his hand gently he glanced down as our hands linked. I didn't let go because I didn't see what I should be embaressed about

"I want to go get something from home. My home" I let go and he looked up at me slightly confused but then he nodded slowly. I slowly walked up to the once familiar porch me and my brothers played a long time ago. There was a label on the door Liam talked about not making a whole sort of drama with the where my mum and brother so the neighbours don't get suspicious so Liam left a label on the door saying on vacation. I pushed open the door to see everything back in their rightful places.

I ran up the stairs and into my mothers room, once I opened it and took a step in a waft of her soft fragrance she always wore attacked my nose vanilla rose. I sat on her bed and glanced at the bedside table where she kept a framed picture of baby Toby, a year old me and then Stefan but no dad. A tear managed to slip out and roll down my cheek. I opened her drawer, she always kept her secret stuff hidden there, things that she would never show us. I slid the drawer out and inside I saw a little dairy, old pictures of us and as I shuffled around the drawer I came across a ageing brown envelope. I picked it up seeing my mums name Isabel swiftly handwritten. I overtuned it and slipped out the letter from its enclosed case, I flipped it open

My dear Isabel,

You deserve so many answers, answers which I've chosen to keep to myself and I wish I hadn't. You deserve so much better than me. I can't be the man I'm expected to be you know what I am and it shocked you so much more than I expected and I'm sorry. Toby and Stefan need someone that will take them to see movies, someone that will go see their special assemblies and shows, someone that will love them no matter what, someone that will be their father and that is simply not me I can't see myself in the future with you and growing old with you. Before I end this letter I want you to make sure you look after her, look after your daughter, look after my daughter I know since the day she was born you felt some sort of difference I did too, she is special more than you know and I want her to be safe, you all to be safe and it will work of I was out of your lives. I love you more than the whole universe all together, look after my children. I will love you all till the end of eternity.

Damien Mon Claire

The tears came out like waterfalls he never did die. All the things my mum said were lies. I held the letter against my chess and rocked back back and forward. I never did understand why he left when he did. The tears dripped down onto my bare legs

"Lanna?" I turned to face Liam who stood outside the door frame staring at me. Tears kept slipping down uncontrollably

"Lanna what's wrong?" he came to my side instantly it was as if he was there beside me the whole time

"Tell me, I can't see you like this" I hugged Liam tight and holding onto him tight enough to glue together. I wanted to be safe and he made me feel safe

"At the Parlour I saw my Dad" I whispered against his shirt

"Your Dad?" I nodded my head slightly still holding onto him

"He was there. My mum always told me that he passed away a long time ago but I found a letter he left us and he wasn't clear enough to say why" he didn't move the slightest and I felt his lips move against the top of my head

"What's his name?" I released him and stared at the letter once more

"Damien. Damien Môn Claire" as soon as I said his name he tensed up. I looked at him his face expressionless

"Liam?" he got up and helped me up also

"We need to go home now" I pulled my hands back roughly

"Why did you tense up when I said his name" I stood my ground still holding the letter in one hand and glaring at Liam

"Lanna, when were home and sa-" I cut him off

"No tell me now, no more secrets" he sighed heavily and looked at me intensily and sat on the bed but I still stood

"Damien he disappeared a long time ago. He wasn't part of our clan but he was a good man but his and my kind just dont work..." I creased my forehead why would he say something like that

"Lanna, your dad is a werewolf" I sunk into the bed and the letter slipped out of my hand along with the envelope

"What does that mean for me?" he held my hands with his looked turned my face to meet his

"I don't know what you are yet but whatever you'll become I'll always love you"

Can a vampire and a werewolf fall in love? I don't know the answer yet but no matter what I will always love Liam. Maybe I've always loved Liam deep down, I don't know yet but I feel more for him than I ever did for Harry.

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