Mated With My Hater

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2013
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Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to. She was an outsider. That was until one day a new student enrolled at the school. He gave her tingles every time he passed her and made her blush whenever he looked at her. He was popular. The problem is he hates her because she was an outsider, unpopular and lacked beauty. She is his mate yet he denies the fact that he is falling in love with her. Lanna won’t survive in his world because he is a vampire and she has yet to figure that out when the time is right. He is Liam Payne, the heir to the throne and time is running out. ©2012|SAISXO.


21. Chapter 21

What I saw yesterday at dinner was something that I clearly don't want to remember. We're just friends right? I can't like Harry. I like Liam. He is my soulmate after all. No matter how many times I repeated that to myself it wouldn't change the fact that what I felt for Harry was not going to be something I could forget easily.

"Hey... woah" Zayn was standing there in fornt of me eyes wide with shock

"What?" he started to stifle a laugh

"I'm sorry but you look like a total mess" then he started to let his laugh all out and loud. Iwalked backwards afew steps to glance at myself in the wall mirror and he was right. My hair was like a tiger's mane all messed and dishevled, my face so pale, pale enough it could pass me as looking like a ghost.

"Thanks for telling me ever so slowly" I glared at him so evily before making my way back to Liam room. My head banged into a rough, hard wall... well thats what I thought anyway

"Sorry!" I lifted my hand to touch my forehead before looking up to see who the unfortune person I bumped into

"Lanna! Hi" it was Harry. I simply smiled trying to forget what happened yesterday

"Hi!" I said it a bit too enthusiastically and he just stared

"Well nice seeing you but I kinda need to fix myself up" I walked around him but he grabbed my wrist gently

"We are fine right? Its just yesterday-" I cut him off

"-We're fine!" I breathed in heavily and then he let go of my wrist. I made my way slowly to Liams room before shutting the door shut and sliding down against it and exhaled heavily. As I got up to walk over to the cupboard I realised the maid left fresh clothes in Harry's room and his room only

"Dammit" I muttered. The door slammed open and there in front of me stood a blue eyed guy, quite cute actually. Niall.

"Oh... Sorry. I thought Liam might be here" my eyebrows rose at his quite so sudden entrance

"Oh... Um well his not here" I ignored the fact that Niall stood staring into blank space and focused on how I could get my clothes and then it suddenly clicked. My eyes shot up to look at Niall

"Niall, can you do me a favour now that your here" he looked at me for a second before nodding

"My clothes the maid leaves for me is in Harrys room can you get all of them" he nodded and started to walk out the door before stopping and turning back to face me

"Wait... Do I have to get your... Um... How shall I say this..." he started to move his hands in a circular motion above the chest area. I stared at him amused and bursted out laughing

"It's alright... I've got some fresh ones on. Not that you needed to know that" I covered my mouth still amused he swiftly vanished from the room and I made my way to the bathroom giving my face a good wash and brusing my hair neatly into a ponytail

"Hey, Lanna your clothes are on the bed" I popped my head out the bathroom allowing me to get a good glance of my clothes neatly left on the bed

"Thank you" I ran out the bathroom, locked the door and grabbed some denim shorts, a tee and my leather jacket. I opened the door and skipped down the stairs and into the garden

"Lanna" I turned to face a smiley Liam I smiled back enthusiastically

"Hi. I was just coming to find you" He came towards me

"Me too. You know that little deal we made" I creased my eyes in confusion and shook my head

"The one where if I date Caitlyn you'll take me out and if lost then I don't get to know you which is obviously you being sarcastic but..." I remember instantly and looked at him still confused on why he would want to bring up something like that

"Well I want to take you out instead. I want this silly deal we made forgotten and we can start afresh" I nodded my head silently in agreement "I kinda need your verbal agreement" I gave a little laugh

"Yes. I would like to start afresh and go out with you" he gave a relieving sigh from his face I could see he was pleased

"Let's go to the pizza parlour" I nodded and we both our way out the house and walked down the road side by side.

"So how do you like it in the house" I shrugged not knowing how exactly living there made me feel

"Liam. We are going to get my mum and brother back" at first he kept walking and didn't open his mouth to say a single thing but then he stopped me

"Lanna, we are going to find them together" him saying that reassured me slightly but not enough

"We're here. Come lets find a table" I followed him closely until he stopped right at the back where there was a table for two. It wasn't as clean as I expected, it had those cheap napkins and a small long glass tube which held a rose looking as it did it certainly looked cheap. Liam being a gentlemen pulled the seat out for me and I sat while he made his way over to his seat. A waitress came over and asked for our orders she took out her little notepad and swiftly wrote it down before skating off

"So... I heard about the training" I cringed at the thought of training with Xavier. He was one hell of crude person. Sure he was kind enough to help me but he needs to learn some manners

"That. Okay I honestly don't want to work with him he's so rude" he chuckled before leaning back against the cheap wood chair

"Train with me. My father taught me well enough to be able to train someone else" I took it into account and nodded my head

"I'll definately train with you instead of him" a man bought our plates and laid them gently in front of before rushing back into the kitchen. After a few hours of munching, chattering, laughter we came to an end with our food

"You wait here, I'm gonna go to the toilets before we go" I smiled gently and he left. I sat for a while looking out towards the window and suddenly I sensed something that made me cold

"Lanna!" it sounded so very distant and faint but it couldn't have been Liam course not he was in the toilets

"Lanna" there it repeated an echo in the distance the voice was so unfamiliar but yet I thought I've heard it a long time ago. As I looked out the window there a man stood a few feet away from me. Someone I hadn't seen since I was two years old, he didn't change one bit still has handsome as ever muscular and toned, he didn't age. My hands started to shake but he couldn't be here, they told me he was gone dead. How in the world can this even be possible

"Lanna what's wrong? Your shaking" I could sense that he followed my gaze

"Lanna what are you looking at"

"My father" I quietly whispered it wasn't loud enough for Liam to hear, my hands were stiff from fright. He was supposed to be dead. He is dead.

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