Mated With My Hater

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2013
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Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to. She was an outsider. That was until one day a new student enrolled at the school. He gave her tingles every time he passed her and made her blush whenever he looked at her. He was popular. The problem is he hates her because she was an outsider, unpopular and lacked beauty. She is his mate yet he denies the fact that he is falling in love with her. Lanna won’t survive in his world because he is a vampire and she has yet to figure that out when the time is right. He is Liam Payne, the heir to the throne and time is running out. ©2012|SAISXO.


18. Chapter 18

My mind was completely scrambled. I didn't know what to say or what to think. The way my home was left it was to terrifying to even think about what torment both my loved ones went through; but my mum and my little brother Toby were still kidnapped disappeared. It's all my fault I know it if I was still home then maybe they might still be here. I sat, I sat in Harry's home, in his living room, in his chair leaving me here was what they thought best, while they talked without any of my say. I mean I know everything already what was there to hide from me. Maybe there all evil I thought, maybe they kidnapped my family and there covering it up but it just didn't seem possible that a lovely person like Renee would kidnap them. I just couldn't sit here and do nothing so I got up and went to stand outside the kitchen door, which was left slightly ajar, allowing me to hear in and just about see a few people but I wish I didn't because I heard a voice which I dreaded, a voice, which I wanted to stuff it full of something to make it stop. My anger completely overwhelmed me and I stormed into the kitchen getting a immediate turns from heads in my direction except for one

"You left me, you left me in your home, in you room, in your damn bed. You nearly got me eaten by vampires do you know how scared I was hmm... Not knowing that vampires wanted to eat the life out of me. I can't believe I forgave you maybe this time I won't make the same mistake twice. Where the hell were you? Answer me that!" I screamed the whole way through, throwing my hands up at the same time. The length I spoke in that tone was long enough to let my throat go dry and sore but I ignored it I just wanted the answers

"Lanna I'm sorry... I.... I...." I shook my head laughing to myself and backed up slowly

"Sorry, seriously you think that's going to win me over. You know what Liam you are one hell of a guy and I can't believe I actually thought I might like you" that got his attention because his head shot up straight and looked at me intensely. He got up and walked over to me but I just backed up seeing as I didn't want him near me he stopped at midstride and looked at me just looked

"Lanna" this time it wasn't his lips that moved I turned around. It was Harry. Even though I knew he was a vampire from what Xavier told me he was the second person that made me feel safe but I just couldn't move forward and reach out to him in need of his help. All I wanted was answers. That was all.

"I want my brother. I want Stefan" I said quietly, tears were threatening to come out. My eyes blurred from the water. Two arms gripped around me and I sunk into them all I needed now was family. "It's okay. I'm here" the tears flew out of my eyes, it started to dampen a part of his grey top but I couldnt stop it. Two new arms were reaching out to me

"Give her to me" it was a stern command, I looked up to see Liam he has gotta be joking me there was no way I was going to let him hold me

"No please don't" I whimpered into his shirt so he grabbed onto me tighter. We started to move up the stairs and into Harry's room I think it was

"Tell me. What did you mean by "its began" what's began?" I questioned he sat me down onto the grand bed while he chose to sit in an armchair in front of me. He sighed slowly before he opened his mouth to speak

"Lanna, your in danger. Grave danger. What I'm going to say will annoy you actaully maybe not annoy you anger you probably is best but you need to know. The highcourt or king declared for his son Liam to find a mate, a mate you probably would've read in books somewhere is when someone finds a strong bond between their true love and themselves; they end up falling in love somthing like that anyway. Liam was looking for a mate but it wasn't what he expected but he seems to be fine with it now by the looks of it. Lanna your his mate" right then and there I wished I was shot dead or how about eaten to death but their was no way I was going to fall in love with some idiot.

"Hahaha.... Your joking right?" it certainly wasn't a joke to him, Stefan had a strong straight face on. Oh god you really got me now

"Just carry on please and change the subject on true love cos I ain't gonna listen" he half smiled but carried on

"Well.... There's a pack, a group or an organisation whatever you want to call it. They're called The Draegans they are most known for murder, assassinations of highcourts, unnecessary bloodlust towards humans no these vampires break the vampire law or code of conduct but yet they have no care of the world. They want you for some reason. You are very special Lanna very you hold a key a power no other mankind or vampires could hold it was thought to have never existed but it exists in you. We just don't know what it is yet" wow that was extremely a lot to take in but what will happen if they did take me. They'll proabably experiment on me perhaps even cut me open so they could find that something special but I didn't want to be special just noticed for once well I got a whole lot more.

"I will make sure nothing happens to you okay" he had his hands on my cheeks and.stroked them gently it was actually good to have him back. It was good to finally get some answers. A knock on the door pulled me out of my trance and back into reality. Harry. He stood leaning against the doorway holding a plate of something that seemed like choc chip cookies. Food makes not on my stomach settled but also my frazzled brain. Food makes me happy doesn't it to everybody especially when its cookies and choc.

"Well... I'll leave you to it see you in the morning sis" he smiled as he passes Harry he gave some sort of glare and not a very nice one. Once Stefan completely left Harry entered his room and settled the cookies in front of me and boy did it get my mouth drooling. I heard a quiet chuckle beside, I turned to see Harry smirking at me

"What" I said a bit cross. His face instantly softened and turned neutral

"Please don't get angry I'm sorry its just you looked like you wanted to eat someone" a smile creeper onto my face, I gave him a playful punch on the atm and grabbed a cookie while settling cross legged inside the comfy bed with the blanket duvet on top. I munched down pretty much all of the cookies while Harry sat and smirked the whole way through, how I wanted to erase his whole face. He opened his eyes wide

"Now you can't do that. You won't be able to stare intensely at my green eyes and when I smile you won't see my dimples" I rose an eyebrow, great he read my mind actually it was great cos I thought something exactly right. I aimed a pillow at his head but it missed a long way. I was curious though about his life as a vampire

"So... Your a vampire" I drew the sentence out slowly just to get a conversation going well I actually wanted to find out more

"Yep been a vampire my whole life until I met you" my skin started to heat up what did he mean by that

"What I mean by that is you made me feel human becuase you had a very true sweet down to earth personality we rarely have them" he was sweet too sweet as a matter of fact he settled at the foot of the bed head down on top of his arms to cushion his head

"Vampire. Never would've guessed if it wasn't for the slight mishaps but still" remembering Liam catching the cake box before it hit the ground that was impossible

"You should sleep Lanna need to build up strength for tomorrow" my forehead scrunched up in confusion strength? "For what?" he got off the bed and headed for the door

"For training" with that he closed the door behind him leaving me to sleep all alone in the dark awaiting for what the day might bring tomorrow

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