Mated With My Hater

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2013
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Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to. She was an outsider. That was until one day a new student enrolled at the school. He gave her tingles every time he passed her and made her blush whenever he looked at her. He was popular. The problem is he hates her because she was an outsider, unpopular and lacked beauty. She is his mate yet he denies the fact that he is falling in love with her. Lanna won’t survive in his world because he is a vampire and she has yet to figure that out when the time is right. He is Liam Payne, the heir to the throne and time is running out. ©2012|SAISXO.


17. Chapter 17

"No! I don't believe that. It's not possible" tears streamed down my already wet face. Vampires do not exist at all, NO!

"I know this is a lot to take in but you better believe it. How's your family been huh" my mind ran, I haven't been home in so long. Please don't let me think what I'm thinking

"What have you done" I asked to scared to face him so I stood by the door ready to make a run for it

"Don't run its no use and I have not done anything its the others" I turned to face him my eyesbrows scrunching up

"How did you know I was going to run" I started to back up even though I knew what he was and he souly told me what was happening honestly I just coukdnt trust him

"We can read minds too" and this was a great time for him to tell me. Wait all that time Liam and his mates and their family could read my mind oh my god Harry and Liam. I slid onto the floor and covering my face with my hands as I hid the ever streaming tears, which ran down both sides of my cheeks, my stomach started to turn and churn with sickness.

"Hear drink this it will ease the need to vomit" I left the hand still extended not wanting to take the drink, who knows what he might have put in it. I heard him sigh from across the room

"How can I earn your trust please do tell me" I started to feel just a tad bit guilty with the way I was treating this guy who's name I didn't get

"Well.. You can start off by telling me your name" I got up slowly and sat on the couch.staring after him

"Xavier" he extended his arm once more and this time I took it and I shook it

"Well... Xavier my name is Lanna and I want to know what is of my brother, what happened to him and why the hell is he back. I know you know" he sat in front of me on the table and looked at me stern faced "He had to leave so that he could get trained, he was bitten and he needed us to help him. He had no idea what happened to him so we took him in and trained him. We trained him to be your guardian Lanna" I nodded my head in understandment. I immediately got up to leave

"Take me home" with that I opened the main door and left, I could sense that he was following closely behind me. After a few minutes of walking I was at my front porch I took out the key from my pocket and let the door open up wide allowing me to see everything inside wrecked and desytroyed, things were strewn across everywhere. I started to think of the worst. I ran inside moving things about

"MUUUUMMMM. TTTOOOOOBBBBYYYY" I called out to them hoping that I would get a response but I never did. I faced him, Xavier

"Tell me where are they" as I said that another footstep approached us, the figure was in the shadows but soon appeared as he moved in forward "Stefan" I drew out a breath he walked towards me

"Lanna your safe. Thank god" he took me into his arms and I allowed him to. God its been so long since I felt this safe. I missed my older brother

"Stefan what happened? Where's my and Toby? I know your a vampire and boy was that hard to believe" he gave a soft chuckle

"I'll tell you everything but first we gotta get you somewhere safe" we turned around but all of a sudden he stopped us his grasp on my shoulder tightened

"What is he doing here?" I hit him on the shoulder

"HE saved me. What do you have something against him because if you do then you might as well leave and don't help me" I glared at him

"Fine,whatever. Let's go" we left the strewn wrecked home and dived inside a small black sleek car. In seconds he got out of the car, so me and Xavier got out also. I stared at the home... The home which Harry stayed in of course

"Harry its began".....

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