Lets have a party*One Direction Fanfic*

Follow the lives of 2 cousins. Meeting one direction. And both of them falling in love with one of the boys. Problem is one of them has a Purity Ring.


4. You make me feel like...


Emilia Pov.

" Geo do you think that was a good idea calling the police" I said while he pulled me away from the house.

"Yep I think it was." He said

"We'll I think you did wrong. What about Nat we basically abandoned her."

"Don't worry she'll find her way. Beside "Mr.Sexy" gots her"

"Gots her is gots even a word"

"I think it is but anyway she's fine. Now lets walk home in this beautiful night"

"I don't want to walk. I'm tiered Carry Me"

"Fine" I climbed onto his back " you Owe me something now"

"What else you want , you gave me a ring , I'm your girlfriend , I'm waiting for you... What else do you want."

"Let me think about it" he said. I laid my head on his shoulder.i felt my eyes drop. Little. "Don't fall sleep you are to heavy to carry up those stairs."

"I am not that heavy take that back" I smacked his arm.

"Oww that really hurt" he said sarcastically. We finally made it back to the house...Mansion. I got off his back an went to the kitchen.

"IM HUNGRY!!" I yelled out. I ran to the refrigerator remembering there was some Pupusas left from last nights dinner. "Come to mamma"

"Don't forget about me, I didn't have dinner today" Geo said walking into the room.

"Get your own food freak" I ran out the room with all the Pupusas in my hands. I didn't notice the figure I was approaching until I smacked into it.

"Are you ok Love?" British accent, sounds good. I looked up to see the Same curly haired guy I pulled out to dance at the party. He gave me his hand which I'm going to say are freaking huge.

"Yeah I'm fine" I grabbed his had.

"EM don't yell ok... And HOW THE HELL ARE YOU HERE... Forget it but they need a place to stay and I offered them"

"We can't let random people stay at the house."

"They say they are not normal people. And that they are in a so Called One Direction band"

"Ohh remember when Dona kept mentioning a 1D band."

"Yeah I remember and we told her that we would check them out soneday lol anyway this is Zayn the one with the bad boy look, Liam the one that is trying to be tough but not working out. Niall the one with blonde, Louis the one in suspenders and Harry is the one with curly hair and currently holding your hand"

"Nice to meet to all my name is Emilia but I go by Em, and harry could you let go of my hand"

"You Better Let go of my Daughters hand young man." George walks in. He pulled me into a hug. " nobody and I mean nobody touches Daddy's little girl."

"George stop saying that" I said. Everyone laughed.

"Anyway I already asked moms ad dads and they say that it it fine" Nat continued.

"Fine they can stay but..." I started saying when I was interrupted.

"YOU GUYS HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS!" Niall I think blurted out.

"Yeah we moved to the U.S." George said. " I'm heading to bed, I don't want to hear unwanted noises... Yeah I'm talking to you Nat."

"Just go get your beauty sleep. Ill be right back,Nat come with me. And you guys make your self at home." I pulled Nat up to my...our room. I changed into my mustache pjs and black boot slippers while she wore shots and t . With gray boot slippers



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