Lets have a party*One Direction Fanfic*

Follow the lives of 2 cousins. Meeting one direction. And both of them falling in love with one of the boys. Problem is one of them has a Purity Ring.


3. Hello Mr.Sexy (Natalia)


Natalia Pov

"Let's just go" George said taking both our arms and pulling us out the house. Goodness he's so pushy.

" I'm not done with you Emilia. George I think I'll kill your precious girlfriend before you two get married"

"You wouldn't dare" he said pulling Emy into a hug. " you will never touch my little girl daddy loves her to much"

"Your so weired I swear Geo" Emy said. We finally got to the limo. I looked at both their hands. They both had rings


"Yep I got them. I gave it to her in London like 3 months ago. We've been going out for a couple of years.."

" yeah a couple of years. 10 year is a couple of years I agree. Let me see you ring"

I looked at the rings. It was just cute.

"Are we there yet??" Geo and Emy said at the same time.

"Yep in like 5 minutes" we stayed quiet

*5 min later*

We finally enter the house party lol. Sounds funny. Virtual diva is on by Don Omar. I could help but dance in front of the door.

" Nat move yo big ass out of the way" Geo said pushing me. "Anyway lets go dance by Nat have fun don't forget those CONDOMS I GAVE YOU" he started off normal voice until the end when he practically yelled the last part and ran away pulling poor Emy away Pegao by Wilson y Yandel came on.

"No way they did not just put my jam on EMY GEO COME WITH ME AND DANCE DANZA KUDURO BY DON OMAR." We started doing out dance we always do for this song. We started pulling random people to come dance with us. Emy pulled this guy with curly hair, Geo pulled this girl with blonde hair and I pulled the guy with black hair that was next to the blonde girl I think I'll call him Mr.Sexy

" WE GOT NAT, GEO AND EMY IN THE HOUSE" ok we kinda famous for being the BEST PARTY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. "CAILE BY TITO EL BAMBINO IS UP with Rompe by Daddy Yankee afterwords "

We were having the best time of our lives. Until Someone yelled out "SHIT THE COPS ARE COMING RED ALERT " you could see everyone run in different Directions (lol).

"EM GEO WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS!!" I yelled trying to get back into the house. With so many people running at out I was pulled away ...really the DJ plays "llamada de emergencia by Daddy Yankee"

"What are you doing" I hear someone behind me say. They grabbed my hand pulling me back i turned around...

It was Mr. Sexy.




Damn he's so hot.

" can we stop running my feet are killing me"


yeah another chapter done :) i hope your liking it

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