lost in a world

a girl goes on a quest to get back home will she fail


5. the first challenge

guarding the key whislt tied to a mouldy damp chair. i heard a little noise very strange 2 seconds later the fairy i had seen early had appeared. and untied me very quickly while i still had great grip of the key. i was let go and the fairy had disappeared. i thought well that was strange so i jsut sprinted up the long steep hill the cat purred and the warty lady came and seen me running she the sparkle of the key in the sun so she got her broom stick and chased me i ngot to the door and unlocked: went through very quickly as i heard a evil sceam saying '' this is not the last of me you little evil child as there was silence. i had appeared and lilly found me first. i thought that was strange . there was a scream by me . was this a dream or not........

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