lost in a world

a girl goes on a quest to get back home will she fail


2. the fairy

5 miniutes later a enchating beautiful fairy had appeareaed out of know where she said in a rather i pitched voice '' have you not noticed around there is peppermint trees, chocolate lake, canyfloss clouds its amazing anyway the reason the door has''

''wwwwwwait a moment you made that door disapear''

''let me finish the door has gone beacause a witch came and stole the key''

'' is that really  true there is know such thing as witches! she said in a shocked

''yes there is well in this land there is ''

'' stop stop stop STOP i want to go home let me go home bring this door back now or else''

'' you cant go home unless you go to the witches house and take the key and unlock the door''

'' are you really that crazy, you really expect me to go to the witches house and get the key. you are really nuts i could die from this quest my dont you go and get yeah cause you are lazy stupid fairy.''

'' if i was you i wouldn shut up cause you are wasting time you now have 30 mins left beacuse you were to busy gobbing off at me now geta move on. and i cant go not cause i am lazy she has put a spell on her house and only humans now can step on it beacuse she doesn not belive in humans.''


great she gone i muttered


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