lost in a world

a girl goes on a quest to get back home will she fail


4. in the witchs house

i woke up feelng dizzy and a big warty face in my face i freaked out grately. ''who are you? wham i doing here? why is your big fat warty face right in front of me? get it out now: before you say anything i am not asking you i am telling you''

'' how rude of you. how could you speak to me like that. you do not tell adults what to do and who are you to tell me what i can and cant do? haa cant aswer that can you?besides you fainted and i carryed you i''

'' more like dragged me in''

''what was that sorry? i didnt quite catch that''

''nothing. anyway i better be going now thankyou  for kinda taking care of me. seeya''

'' no little young lady i think i will be the judge of that. you will go when i say. i can tell you with that type of tone you wont be going anywhere. besides we can spend time together and have lots of fun. and we could play and the first game is you are now a slave for me until further notice and your first fun job is rather exciting and barely anybody can do this special job and it is very important.and if you complete it you get dinner.''#

'' woooooooooooooooooooooooo wo wo you are making me compete for my dinner.''

'' yes rather cool isnt it. yes i thought so to if you do it for one hour than you get rotten spiders with pig eyeballs, you will get double for every hour you do and sont worry i have not forgot the drinks. horse snot very nice so your first job is to keep the golden diamond key hidden and secrot.

'' the key''....

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