Love Actually

"Love is like war, easy to start, hard to stop," - Ellie Walters.


2. ..2..

- Ellie's POV -

We were sitting at a table, with the rest of the boys. They made me laugh so hard, unlike the other kids I used to sit with, who use to suck up to me. I wouldn't know why, 'cause I don't count myself as pretty, never the less beautiful, but hey, I don't even know why I'm popular. *mental shrug*.

"I had a bladder problem!" Cassie whined, as I told them about how she peed on Santa's lap, when she was 10. I laughed out loud, the others following.

"Yeah, right," I said, as Cassie pouted.

"Your so mean to me!" she whined, making me snicker.

"LOVE YOU TOO BABE!" I screeched, making her wince.

"You guys are so.. loud," Louis said.

"Says you," I said smugly.

"TRUE STORY!" he screeched, loud enough to attract the cafeteria's attention.

"Nothing to look out. We were just talking about.. tacos," I said awkwardly. The room nodded awkwardly, before turning back to their conversations.


"I'm so full.. but I gotta.. eat it.." I moaned. We were at McDonalds right now, and I'm enjoying my cheeseburger.

"Comeon hun, you got this," Harry said, guiding the burger to my mouth. I opened my cherry red lips, and taking a bite, and moaned in satisfaction.

"Your a good friend Harry," I said, my eyes still closed, as he chuckled.

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