Love Actually

"Love is like war, easy to start, hard to stop," - Ellie Walters.


1. ..1..

- Cassie's POV -

Hi, i'm Cassie Prechear. I go to Blackwood Boarding school, here in London. My best friend is Ellie Walters, who is by the way, the school's queen b. But she's a total sweetheart. She's goddess. Literally. Her hair is wavy, caramel brown with natural blonde streaks, reaching her waist, her eyes are the most beautiful sea green, with deep blue flecks around them, she had the best, curvy body ever, and her height was 5'7.

I was just plain Cassie Prechear. Average blonde hair, reaches past my shoulders, dull blue eyes, pale skin, unlike Ellie's, who's skin was kissed by the sun, and my body was an ok.  I was normally the second choice to boys, which I don't mind, but me being best friends with Ellie, I'm the center of attention.

"Hey Cass," a sweet voice said, interrupting my thoughts. There stood my gorgeous best friend, in all her glory, her brunette curls framing her face.

"Hey El," I replied, closing my locker.

"Did you hear about the new boy-band that's coming here? One Dimension?" she asked, chuckling softly. I instantly recognized the band as One Direction.

"Its One Direction, El. Sometimes I wonder why I'm friends with you," I said playfully, as her shoes fell into steps with mine.

"Cause you love me," she said jokingly, wrapping an arm around me. A couple of people called her name, as she waved at them, a couple of girls glared with envy, as boys glanced longingly. She was wearing a black and white blouse with a peter pan collar, mint green skinny jeans and black combat boots. She was wearing minimum makeup, consisting of mascara and lipgloss.

I was wearing a black lace shirt, blue jean shorts, cream colored cardigan and black converse hightops. Ellie was of course, the fashionista.

"Will Ellie Walters and Cassie Prechear report to the principal's office immediately," a voice boomed through the speakers. She looked at me worridly, before walking to the office. As soon as she opened the door, she immediately blurted out,

"Why are we in trouble?" she blurted, not noticing the 4 boys who were watching her in awe. One stood out, a blonde, pale boy with rosy cheeks, wearing braces, and staring directly at me, unlike his friends who were staring out Ellie.

"Your not in trouble girls, your just gonna show these boys around our school," Mrs Hillson, our principal said.

"Oh so their One Dimension?"

"One Direction," I corrected.

"Direction, Dimension, still the same thing," she said, shooting Liam a charming smile, who can make any boy weak in the knees. Each boy had a room key, locker combination, and their luggage with them. Including their schedule.

"We-" Ellie began, but was cut off by a suck-up, Ashlyn.

"El, babe, your coming to my party on Saturday right?" Ashlyn asked in her high pitched, annoying voice.

"Uh.. sure," Ellie replied, scratching the back of her neck.

"Awesome! See you lates!" she said, kissing Ellie's cheeks and scampering off.

"She scares me," Ellie said, fake shuddering, sending us into fits of laughter.

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