Holding my Heart

Even though I never thought we could be together. We are now. Together. Forever. At least thats what i thought before he left, to keep me safe. But he took my heart with him.
This is my story. The story of how I struggled to stay alive when i had my heart ripped from my chest.
But every story needs a happy ending, right? Right?


1. Chapter 1

New girl. Those two words haunted my every memory. We had been moving constantly since before I could remember. I am a junior in High School and since the fifth grade this has been my sixth different school, in the sixth state we lived in. Sometimes we move far and sometimes we just moved town over. I never really know why we move. Secretly I think it's because my dad is running from something. Or someone.

My dad. He is the one who raises me. He is the only family member I have left after my mother died when I was five. He says we only move to keep me safe, but I don't 100% believe him. I mean do know that I'm different. Don't know how or why and dad doesn't like to talk about but I know I am. No one I've ever met can hear other people's thoughts or are immune to physical pain. I figured that out in 3rd grade. I was playing with my best friend Jenna and we we're climbing the big tree in her back yard. We were on the same branch when suddenly I heard a crack and we were both falling. I felt the pain of hitting my arm on the way down but when we got to the bottom and the doctor looked over us both my arm was perfectly fine. I would have thought my arm was broken. When I got home and told my dad what happened he freaked out. We moved the next weekend.

Now that I've grown up and learned more about my self I've learned not to tell people I'm different. And I try to avoid things that should injure me. I don't make a lot of friends in school because I know I'll just have to move soon and forget them. So on days like today I'll probably go to all my classes amd sit in the back, eat lunch either outside or in the library, and leave school as soon as the bell rings. No need to hang around and talk to people.

Walking into school I went straight to the office and received my schedule. It's not too bad but first period all ready started so I'm going to be walking into a full class, all eyes on me. Great.

Looking down at the sheet of paper I didn't see the curly headed boy walking in front of me. Didn't see him until I bumped straight into him . He grabbed my upper arms to steady me after I almost wiped out in front of him. I looked up into his eyes to say thank you and my words got caught in my throat. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. His gorgeous deep green eyes captivated me. It was then that I realized he was still holding my arms with his firm grip. I shrugged out of his grasp and looked down blushing.

" I'm sorry, love. Are you alright? You must not be from around here. You new?" his deep voice said, making me look up to meet his slightly smirking face.

Finding my voice again I looked him the eye and said," Uh... um.... yea I'm fine. And it's my fault sorry. And yes today's my first day. Do you know we're classroom 21 is?" I was proud of myself so far I haven't done anything too embarrassing in front of him.

" Oh I know exactly where that is I'll take you there right now." he said, entwining our arms Wizard of Oz style.

After walking a few yards back down the hall I came from he stopped at a door. I passed right by it!

" Here we are", he said pushing open the door and strolling in.

The teacher stopped her lesson and looked up at us as we walked in.

"Ah, Mr. Styles I see you have finally found the time to join us for class. Such a pleasure. Please take your seat. And who are you dear?" she said placing her half moon glasses on top of her head. I looked around the classroom and saw about twenty sets of eyes staring at me. A lot of them looked friendly enough, but some just looked at me in disgust. I saw "Styles" in the back, his right arm lifted in a thumbs up motion. His friend next to him looked back and forth between the two of us a few times then mimicked his actions. I turned back to the teacher and introduced myself.

" Um, hi my name's Nicole Mance. This is Speech 2 correct?" I said extending my hand to shake the older woman's hand.

" Yes, and you an go sit in the back next to Mr. Styles. I assume you are familiar with musical score? That is what we are working on at this moment." she said pointing to the back.

" Uh yes ma'am." I said making my way to my seat in the back.

" So Mr. Styles what lovely excuse do you have to give me to explain your tardiness? Please enlighten the class." she said grabbing her book back from off of her desk and placing the glasses back on her nose.

" I had to assist the poor defenseless new girl who may have never made it to this class at all." he said batting his long eyelashes

"Ok fine but only today can you use that excuse." and then off she went back to describing the purpose of music in movies.

" Styles" leaned over and whispered, " hey I'm sorry for roping you in just now. I actually was going to play hookie today but I guess I have to stay at school today."

" Why?" I whispered back. " Is she going to rat you out for missing other classes too?"

" No but now I have something to stay for." he said, his eyes sparkling.

" And what is that, Mr. Styles?" I said leaning towards him slightly.

He got really close to me then, his whole body facing me. If he was to lift his arm you might think it was a deep hug. His breathe tickled my ear as his curls brushed against my face. He opened his mouth his lips so close they brushed my ear ever so slightly. " You." he whispered. He leaned back into his desk. Glancing back at me, with the biggest smile on his face his dimples were starting to show.

" And my name is Harry. Harry Styles." he said glancing up at the teacher to make sure we wouldn't get caught.

" Nicole. Nicole Mance. But you can call me Nic." I said brushing my hair behind my ear.

Grinning, he whispered back " Nic. I like it." and then he shifted back towards the front and I followed suit. But the rest of the class I could feel Harry Styles's eyes on me.
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