Second Chance

Second Chance, a worldwide known girlband, consisting of 4 group members, Lori, Shaylie, Taylor and Bella. When they make a twitcam about One Direction, what happens when they meet them?


1. Meeting the girls

Lori Henderson.

- Brunette, natural curly hair, reaches past her breasts.

- Blue eyes with flecks of gold around the pupils.

- 19.

- Funny, flirty, fashionista, mysterious.

- Mega directioner.

Bella Force.

- Blonde, wavy, reaches her waist.

- Warm hazel eyes.

- 18.

- Shy at first, caring, amazing personality.

Taylor Hills.

- Caramel brown hair, wavy, reaches past her shoulders.

- Green eyes with flecks of blue.

- 18.

- Hungry, funny, loves to laugh.

Shaylie Thompson.

- Blonde, naturally curly hair, reaches mid-back.

- Carribean blue eyes.

- 19.

- Doesn't talk much, mysterious.

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