Nobody Compares

this is my first Movella... Please coment, like, favorite... Eveything! :*

Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



4. Authors Note

Hey guys Emily here! Sorry about this note... I just want to tell you guys a few things!

Ok so first... Thanks to everyone who has been reading this fanfic! It means a lot to me and my friend Paige! You guys are truly the best! :* I love all of you! Thanks ao much again!

Ok second thing... My friend wanted me to tell all of our lovely readers to follow us on twitter! I am @emily98gates and she is @paige_krizan ...... You can tweet me and ask about the story... Ask for a follow back... Anything! You guys rock and I love all of you!

Ok last thing... I will update every monday and thursday and sometimes on the weekends... But if you guys don't get an update that is because I have been swamped with school work, projects and soccer games/practices... So if I don't have time to update they might be sometimes on random days so I am very sorry... I truly and because I love you all and you are the best! Thanks for reading AGAIN!

Ok I know I keep saying this but I am thankful for all of you... You have taken your time to read this... You are all the best! Thanks so much! Love you all! And remember follow me on twitter and tweet me if you would like to hear more about the story! @emily98gates... I will most likely DM you so!

Sorry this is so long your all the best! Love you all :*

-Emily! Xxx
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