Nobody Compares

this is my first Movella... Please coment, like, favorite... Eveything! :*

Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



29. Angela Marie Higgins

Hey bitches!! I'm Angela Higgins! You can call me Angy tho! 

Just so you know I am Paul Higgins daughter that the whole directioner population doesn't know about. 

There's SO much to tell about me, that I grew up in the BIG town of London England, I never had a normal childhood because I was that cool chick that everyone wanted at their party's.

My best friend use to be my cousin Emma Anderson. We would play pranks on her sister Sarah. We had the best of times until one day when they come over to visit.. Well the last time they were here so when me and Emma were 7. But still. We went to the biggest party of the school year. Well I went and brought Emma and Sarah. Me and Emma stayed together and I told her who the guy was that I liked and I wanted to dance with was. Sarah went off and did her own thing all night not telling us anything later on. The guy I liked came up and started talking to us. He was the guy that everyone wanted to be with and I was the girl everyone wanted to be with... Well at least that's what it was until the party. Him and me were talking until he asked Emma a question "So I haven't seen you around town before. Where ya from?" So they started talking more about Emma and not even talking to me. Then all of a sudden she was pulled away by him to dance. Not even asked. I went to go find them and they were slow dancing in the middle of the room her head on his chest. He pulled her chin up so they were face to face and he kissed her. From that day on I vowed I would annoy Emma any way possible and that the next time she comes over here with a boyfriend at home or finds on here... THERE RELATIONSHIP WILL BE DESTROYED.

But enough of this silly chit chat! I am 18 years old, birthday on May 7th bitchesss! I'm  5 foot 7 so medium hight! People say a wear too much makeup. Its not true! It makes me look sexy!

I am never at home. My family is me and my parents.

My addiction is not food because that is gross... Who wants to eat nasty food and be fat? Not me.

My favourite songs of all time are...


All I Do Is Win by DJ Khalad 


Net Worth by DJ Pauly D




Ghosts and Stuff by Deadmau5


My favourite color is black because that is the colour of my soul and my other one is red... The colour of revenge and blood. (Can you tell I really wanna hurt that slut emma?!)

I hate pets therefor I don't have one they just take up unneeded space.

This year I'm going to study at King's College the place where Emma and Addison are going. I'm studying sociology.

That's all you need to know about be bitches now go get a life and stop wishing you had mine.

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