Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



10. 6

-------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addison's P.O.V*------------------------------------------------------------------

"Oh my god. Eww! What the hell!?" I shouted as I watched Zayn, drink the concoction I had come up with. "Your gonna get sick and die!" I continued, taking the glass from him making sure he didn't drink anymore. It consisted of chocolate milk, ketchup, salt, pepper, sugar, tea, and plenty of other things I couldn't even remember.

"What? You dared me." He challenged making a displeased face, that told me it tasted disgusting. Just like I had expected. "Now pay up." He reached his hand towards me and raised his eyebrows, grinning

"Well, I didn't actually think you were going to!" I protested as I reached in my pocket pulling out three dollars. Zayn took the money from my hand studying for a second. "Yes! I'm rich!" He shouted, making the entire restaurant turn and look at us. All five of us burst out laughing.

"I can't believe you did that. And for like, three dollars." Harry laughed looking grossed out.

"Yup." Zayn smiled proudly. "But I'm not so sure my stomach agreed with decision..." He added, his face contorting in fake agony.

We all laughed again getting up, and heading to the front door.

"I hope you all enjoyed your meal. Please come again." The hostess said smiling at us enthusiastically.

"Well, your drinks weren't very good, but I guess..." Zayn whispered into my ear, raising one of his eyebrows at the lady dismissively. I gasped, sarcastically and snickered covering my mouth with both hands and continuing to laugh.

The lady gave us an odd look as we started to walk out the door after Liam had finished paying.

"Yes, it was great. Thanks." Liam said, looking at us suspiciously. Zayn and I both looked away guiltily and continued to giggle like little kids. After we finished our laughing fit we headed to the car. When we got in, Lou's phone rang loudly.

"Niall were on our way back what do you want?" Louis asked, answering the phone. He turned to me, and swallowed.

"What's wrong Lou?" I questioned him.

"Niall I think you should tell Addison. We'll meet you there." He said before handing me his phone and starting the car.

"Hi Niall what's the matter?" I asked knowing that it probably wasn't good.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------*Niall's P.O.V*-------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Hi Niall what's the matter?" Addison asked through the phone.

"Addi.... Something happened to Emma." I said trying to stay clam. I knew what happened wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I just... i dont even know what I was feeling.

"Umm... What happened to her exactly?" She asked, worry dripping from her words as she spoke into the telephone.

"I'm sorry Addison... She fell down the stairs and twisted her ankle badly. But they think she might have broken it..." I informed her.

"Oh my..." She gasped. "Which ankle?" I wasn't sure why... But I answered anyway.


"Okay. Good." She sighed.

I was a little confused. "Why does that make it any better?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter that much. But Em broke her other ankle a few months ago and it probably would have been worse if she had broken the same one."

"Oh, alright. But there's one more thing."

I heard Zayn in the background asking what had happened and Addison told him that Emma had broken her ankle, quickly. There was a light shuffling and the sound of static as the phone was passed to a different person.

"Niall we will be there as fast as we can... Just calm down." I heard Zayn say firmly. "You always make things out to be much worse than they are. Be positive." He added, and hung up.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------*Emma's P.O.V*-----------------------------------------------------------------------

I awoke to the muffled sound of shuffling papers and the smell of disinfectant and medicine. I felt calm and distant from whatever was going around outside my mind. I didn't want to wake up. I wanted to stay this way forever, just me, myself and I. But I knew I couldn't and that I was going to have to open my eyes sooner or later. But I chose later.

I tuned everything out and fell back into a peaceful trance somewhere between sleep and unconsciousness.


When I woke again, I was immediately greeted by a bright white light as I opened my eyes. As things cam into focus I saw I was in an all too familiar place. A hospital room.

Now that I knew where I was I just needed to figure why I was here. But then I felt the pain in my right ankle and found myself staring at a crisp white plaster cast. What happened? Why am I in a hospital room? From the experience I had with broken bones you never had to stay in a room. You just got your cast and were sent on your way with the occasional check up.

I sat up slowly, my head pounding and saw the doctor was right there, ready to explain what I had, most likely, done to myself.

"Miss. Anderson, My name is Doctor. Clark. Before I tell you what happened I need to-" He started, but I cut him off.

"Where's Niall?" I asked him rather forcefully.

"Mrs.Anderson, please, we need to assess the damage of your fall. Could you answer some questions first? Then he can come see you." He said calmly.

"I would feel more comfortable answering questions if he were with me." I lied, looking down at my sheets and faking a sigh.

"Okay, Miss, I guess he can come in to see you, but that's it. No one else.." He said with a sigh and went out to get him. When the doctor came back Niall was behind him. He looked worried. He opened his arms as he came closer and enveloped me in a giant bear hug. I buried my face in his neck, taking in his scent as he stroked my hair.

"How are you feeling?" He whispered, as we pulled away.

"I'm fine. Just a bit sore. I don't think I should be around you anymore though, Niall. First a bloody nose. Now a broken ankle. You're just no good for me." I told him, biting my lip to stifle a laugh, and looking away.

"W-what do you mean?" He asked, holding my hand and looking at me, his big blue eyes full of worry. I gestured for him to come closer, and looked him in the eyes. I couldn't help but giggle. I leaned in and kissed him lightly. He smiled and I grabbed his hand again.

"You're so gullible." I teased. The doctor cleared his throat and we directed our attention back to him. I smiled at the fact that Niall looked more nervous than I was.

"Niall, calm down. It's fine, this has happened to me before. I have broken too many bones to count." I told him, evoking a small, but still slightly worried smile.

"Okay, Mr. Horan, as I started telling Miss. Anderson before she... 'asked' to see you, she has a fractured her ankle. You also hit your head when you fell, so a headaches in the next week will not be uncommon. But Advil will take care of those. As for your ankle, you only need your cast for a week and a half or so. We will see how well the healing progresses when you come for a check up, then." He said, handing me a slip of paper and pointing to a date printed on it. It was the day Sarah and Addi's brothers were flying in. I sighed and thanked the doctor, asking politely wen I could leave.

"Just as soon as I get your release forms. I'll be right back." He smiled and walked out into the hallway.

"I'm sorry this happened. Kind of put a damper on our whole day." I apologized to Niall. He smiled at me and laughed.

"No need to apologize. This way, you can't run away from me..." He trailed off, smiling mischievously. I started to ask what he meant, but he answered before I had a chance to ask.

He set his hands on my waist and started to tickle me furiously.

"Niall!" I screamed, my laughter echoing through the sterile white room. He smiled at me finally, letting up when I just about fell off the bed. I looked at him with a serious face. "If you do that again, I'm going to beat you with this cast." I said, pointing to the heavy white clob attached to my foot.

"You're an idiot." He laughed, leaning in and pecking me on the cheek, just as Dr. Clark walked in with a few papers.

"Your other 'company' is waiting outside. Would you like them to come in?" He asked, handing the forms to Niall.

"Oh, yes please." I smiled innocently knowing he was probably just asking because he didn't want them making a disturbance in the waiting room any longer.

Niall looked at me with a smile. "I'll fill these out and then we can get outta here, alright?" He asked, gazing t me with his sapphire blue eyes. I could get lost in those eyes.

"Em?" Niall said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Hm?" I mumbled, shaking my head, clearing my brain of my previous thoughts. He just chuckled and nodded his head towards the door opening slowly as he turned to face the papers in his hand.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addison's P.O.V*---------------------------------------------------------------------

"Hey Em, how you feeling?" I asked her as we walked into her hospital room. The smell of this place always made my stomach turn. It smelled like they were using bleach to cover up the fact that so many tragic things happened here and it made me uncomfortable. But I ignored the feeling and waited for an answer, hoping she was alright.

"I feel okay... Just a little sore, that's all." She told me. I smiled at her sympathetically. We started chatting and I was teasing her about how klutxy she was when Niall announced he had finished with the release forms and when he cam back from the front desk we could leave.

He walked out the door, with Liam. The door opened again about five minutes later and Liam started to gather Emma's things. All of a sudden Niall tapped me on the shoulder and i spun around. "hey Niall, what's up?" I asked him.

"Addi, can I talk to you back at the house later?" He asked, raising his eyebrows and looking at me hopefully.

"You sure can." I answered, smiling.I was quite curious as to what on earth he wanted to talk about, but I guessed I would just have to wait until later.

I turned back around to see Zayn whispering something in Emma's ear and she smiled at him and nodded quickly. He said something else to her quietly but I couldn't make out what he said exactly, but it got me wondering what they were up to.


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