Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



6. 5

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Louis P.O.V*------------------------------------------------------------------Addison and Emma walked down stairs, still half asleep and saw Niall, Zayn and I in the kitchen. Zayn was cooking eggs and Niall and I were on opposite sides of the island.

  Emma walked over by Niall and he beamed at her. She smiled back too. As she walked by I could see he grabbed her hand under the counter.  

"Are you feeling any better? I'm so sorry." Niall said, looking at her.  

"Yeah, I feel totally fine. Just a little headache. But I'll take some advil with breakfast. Right Zaynnn...." She said giggling.   "If ya want some you better beat Niall to the pan." He said laughing.

  "Well I think he better let me get to the pan first... After what happened on the plane!" She laughed. 'Milking this much...'  I thought, but I laughed too.

  "I guess..... Or you know we could just get a plate at the same time!" Niall suggested. Emma agreed and went to go get food.

  "No Em, you sit... I'll go get our food... Would you like a drink? We have orange juice, milk and water...?"

  "Thanks Niall but I'll get us the drinks... What would you like?"

  "Emma-" Niall started but I cut him off.  

"Nialler, Emma wants to get you your drink... Just let her... Now tell the lady what you want." I said, quite firmly. But everyone could tell I was kidding around. Emma looked like she appreciated it.   Addison snickered and lightly punched me. I smiled and her and laughed as well.

  "Fine... Em I didn't want to bother you but I guess you could get me some orange juice... I'll show you where the cups are." Niall walked to the cabinet and opened it and grabbed two cups out, listening to me.

  "Hey Addison, wanna leave them to eat by themselves? We could go out to breakfast. Harry and Liam told me where they were going." I told Addison in a quiet voice.

  "Yes! Great idea! And you can call me Addi. Everyone does." She whispered back pulling me to the front door along with Zayn. We all got our shoes on and headed out the door before either of them noticed.

  Zayn tripped over the rocks that were sticking up around the edging of the garden. He fell, knocking over Addison and landing on top of her.   He was on his hands and knees on top of her and he just looked at her for a second. Then they both broke into a fit of laughter and he rolled over onto his back beside her. They were both on the ground screeching in a fit of giggles.

  "Oh my god. If someone didn't know any better, you'd think you two have known each other forever." I said, laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.

  But it was true. In the past day and a half they had gotten to know each other well. It was actually a little abnormal.   We walked to the car and I got in the drivers seat.

  "Addiso-" Zayn started, she looked at him and raised her eyebrows.

  "Addi." He started again. "You can have the front." Zayn smiled at her.

  "Oh, okay, thanks." She said smiling and climbing into the front seat beside me. Zayn climbed into the back seat and I started the car.  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addison's P.O.V*------------------------------------------------------------- Lou turned the radio down a little. "We'll be there in about twenty minutes."

  "Okay!" Zayn and I said in unison.   I turned the radio back up and Call Me Maybe came on.

  "Ha! I love this song!" I yelled.

"I threw a wish in the well. Don't ask me I'll never tell. I looked at you as it fell and now you're in my way!" I belted out, turning the radio up almost full blast.  

"I trade my soul for a wish! Pennies and dimes for a kiss! I wasn't looking for this but now your in my way!" I continued.   Louis laughed and joined in. "Your stare was holdin.' Ripped jeans skin was showin.' Hot night wind was blowin. Where you think you're goin' baby?!"

  "Ah, what the hell." I heard Zayn say.

  The three of us yelled the next part at the top of our lungs. "Hey I just met you. And this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe!"

  I looked back at Zayn who smiled at me and raised his eyebrows questioningly. I knew exactly what he was thinking. I smiled, and nodded turning back around in my seat.

  When the next verse came, neither Zayn or I sang.

  "Hey I just met you! And this is crazy! But here's my number! So call me ma-" Louis stopped finally realizing that he was the only one singing.   Zayn and I both cracked up. Louis gave us his best 'oh no you didn't' look but he couldn't hide the smile on his face. He joined in laughing as we pulled up to the restaurant. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Niall's P.O.V*-------------------------------------------------------------  'Why would they just leave us alone like that... Not even inviting us to eat with them?'   That's when I noticed that the boys and Addison knew I liked Emma... I think she likes me too, if she leaned in and kissed me... But what if she doesn't...   "Hey Niall... Umm not to make this sound awkward but, wanna play 20 questions so we can know more about each other? Cause frankly I know nothing about you." Emma said, solving the problem I was just wondering about.

  We knew next to nothing about each other yet we had kissed twice. Plus I had a crush on her.... What was this fuckery?   "That's a great idea! I'll ask you the first question!" I stated. "Ok Em. Umm... Where are you from?"

  "Well I am from London, Ontario, in Canada. I have lived there my whole life until I came to this London. I really just needed to get out of that town." She said with out hesitation.

"Ok Niall where are you from?!" She asked.

  She had to ask me the same question. We were definitely going to get to know each other at this rate.

  "Ok well I'm from Mullingar, Ireland and I am here in London because I auditioned for The X Factor, and got put in One Direction. That would be the best explanation I can give you." I answered, laughing.

  What should I ask her next? Her life sounds so much more laid back than mine. But I'm still strangely interested.

  "Do you have any pets?!" I asked. 'Where the hell'd that stupid question come from?' I thought to my self. Whatever. I focused back on Emma.

  She giggled and then answered "Well, I have a mini schnauzer named Snickers! But she's not that small... She's quite chubby actually." She thought for a second. "Niall, got any nicknames?"

  "I have one... Nialler. But the fans most of the time call me blondie or leprechaun." I stated. "Do you have any nicknames?"

  "Almost everyone calls me Em, a few of my friends call me Emmy. So actually only two." she explained.

  "Niall, do you have any siblings?"

  "Actually I do! I have one older brother named Greg... Do you have any other siblings... Plus what's your sisters name?!" I really need to start thinking of my own questions.

  "I just have a sister" She said looking down, sadly. "Her name is Sarah she is older. I miss her a lot... But she is coming to visit me, Uncle Paul and his family! I'm so excited!"

  "That's great! Do you have a picture of her?" I asked out of curiosity.

  "Hey, I thought it was my turn to ask the question!?" She said sarcastically.

  "Yes, I guess I will use that for my turn!" I replied back to her.

  "Nope. Cause I'm not gonna let you." She said jokingly.

  "Fine I won't... Wanna ask me your question now?!" I said.

  "I guess I will.." She said with a wink "Okay so Niall what's your favorite food?!"  

  Oh that evil girl! But I guess she doesn't know just how much I love food. "Oh you are evil Em... I love food too much! But, I like anything to do with Nando's..." I started. I was about to ask her out on a date. Maybe to Nando's... But her phone rang, interrupting us before I got the chance.

  She grabbed her phone out of her pocket.   "Urg. I think I have to take this, I wish I had caller ID. I'm sorry Niall. I'll be right back." She smiled apologetically and ran up the stairs.

--------------------------------------------------------------- *Emma's P.O.V*--------------------------------------------------------------------------

  "Hello?" I spoke clearly into my phone.

  "EMMA!! HOW ARE YOU!!!" I heard her voice ring through the phone. No no no... it can't be her.

  "Hi Angela. I'm fine, how are you?" I said trying to be as nice as I could. She was so annoying.   The reason why I hated her was because she was a total... Well frankly she was a bitch. She seemed nice at first, but she was whiney, stubborn, selfish and annoying! And a whore...

  "I'M FANTASTIC!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW?!" She asked in her squeaky, and irritating voice. She probably wanted to know if she could come to Paul's house so she could see me.

  "I'm with a friend right now, I have to go. Bye" I just wanted the conversation to be over and done with.

  "Oooo! What kind of friend?!" I knew she was wondering if I had a boyfriend.   But actually, even I didn't know what Niall and I were... But I knew I wanted to be more than friends with him.

  "My friend who you don't know." I said coldly and hung up. I knew she was going to call back so I left my phone on my bed and headed back down the stairs. I was going down the stairs when all of sudden I tripped...  

--------------------------------------------------------------- *Addison's P.O.V*----------------------------------------------------------------------------   "Oh my god. Eww! What the hell!?" I shouted as I watched Zayn actually drink the concoction I had come up with. "Your gonna get sick and die!" It consisted of chocolate milk, ketchup, egg yolk, salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee and other stuff I couldn't even remember.   I took the glass from him making sure he didn't drink anymore.

  "What? You dared me." He said making a face, that told me it tasted disgusting. Just like I had expected. "Now pay up."   He reached his hand towards me.

"Well, I didn't actually think you were going to!" I protested as I reached in my pocket pulling out a few dollars.

  Zayn took the money from my hand. "Yes! I'm rich!" He shouted, making the entire restaurant look over at us.   All five of burst out laughing.

  "I can't believe you did that, for like three dollars." Harry laughed looking grossed out.

  "Yup." Zayn smiled proudly. "But I'm not so sure my stomach agreed with decision..." He said.

  We all laughed again. We got up, and headed to the front door.

  "I hope you enjoyed your meal. Please come again." The hostess at the front said.

  "Well, your drinks weren't very good, but I guess..." Zayn whispered into my ear, raising one of his eyebrows at the lady.   I couldn't help it. I snorted covering my mouth with both hands and continuing to laugh. The lady gave us an odd look as we started to walk out the door after Liam had finished paying.

  "Yes, it was great. Thanks." Liam said, looking at us suspiciously. Zayn and I both looked away guiltily and continued to laugh like little kids.

  After we finished our laughing fit we headed to the car. When we got in, Lou's phone rang. "Niall were on our way back what do u want." Louis said, answering the phone. All of a sudden his face went pale.

  "What's wrong Lou?" I questioned him.

  "Niall I think you should tell Addison. We'll meet you there." He said before handing me his phone and starting the car.  

"Hi Niall what's the matter?" I asked knowing that it was not good.  



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