Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



5. 4

------------------------------------------------------*Niall's P.O.V*-----------------------------------------------------------  

'WHY THE FUCK DID I HAVE TO HIT EMMA IN THE FACE WITH THE DOOR!? NIALL YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT.' I thought to myself, as I looked at Emma. "I feel so bad Em! Addison, could you go get a towel and ice please? I will go help her back to her seat." I asked her. She nodded and did as I asked.  

"Emma, I am going to help you back to your seat... Sit down and I'll carry you." I told her, wanting to get her back to her seat as soon as possible.  

"No, Niall you don't have to-....ohh." She started to protest, but fell to the floor not able to finish.  

She must have passed out. 'Crap! I must have hit her harder than I thought. But she is still beautiful even, passed out with blood pouring out of her nose.'   'Am I falling for this beautiful, wonderful, funny, amazing, cute girl? I can't be, I just met her and the fans will rip her to pieces if we ever have a thing. I am falling for her... My princess has finally arrived.'   I shook my head, remembering what was wrong.

  "Oh god... Umm..." I couldn't think straight. I picked her up bridal style and took her back to the main cabin of the plane, putting her down gently, so she was laying down taking up my seat and hers.  

"Niall, did you get any- Oh my god! What happened!?" Louis asked, taken aback by what he walked in on.  

"Um... Ihitherwithadoor." I said all in one breath, extremely embarrassed. I looked down at her and felt the blood rush to me cheeks.

  "Dude!? You hit the girl that you just met and might have a crush on with a door!?" Louis yelled, much louder then I would have liked, while laughing.  

"Lou! Shut up! I don't want anyone to-"

  "You have a crush on Emma!? Aww! Niall she's gonna be so happy!" Addison said running up behind me and hugging me, smiling.

"No! She can't know!" I whispered, quite loudly.

"Well, you might want to tell her. This girl right here," She said waving her hand above Emma. "Is in very high demand." She giggle walking over to Emma and placing the ice pack on her head. She started wiping the blood with a wet towel.    "Oh, let me." I said taking the towel from her and continuing.

"And, how might I ask is this not a big deal to you? She passed out!" I asked, sincerely shocked at how little this was affecting Addison.  

"Oh, it's actually not that big of a deal. She's very squeamish and passes out whenever she sees a lot of blood." She said, smiling at me, and washing my worry away. 

  "Thank goodness. I thought it could be something serious." I said, turning back to Emma and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Maybe Lou was right. Maybe I did like her....a lot.

  -------------------------------------------------------*Emma's P.O.V*-------------------------------------------------------

  My head ached badly as i woke up. My eyelids heavy as I opened them partially, and looked around. I felt nauseous as I sat up slightly confused by my surroundings.  

  "Emma?" I heard a soft and somewhat familiar voice ask.  

"Hmm..." I mumbled and opened my eyes fully, looking around until I found where the voice was coming from.   I saw Niall sitting there, staring at me, his eyes full of concern.

  "Oh, thank goodness you woke up. I was getting worried." He said taking my hand. "Your freezing! Let me get you a blanket!" He ran down the hallway to a closet and got a blanket.  

"Niall, where are we?" I asked, as he walked back over to me. I was confused by the fact that we weren't on the plane anymore. Though the surroundings look slightly familiar.

  "We're in Paul's house." He said, putting a warm fuzzy blanket over top of me and smiling warmly. He came over and sat down beside me. "Is that better?" He asked sweetly.  

"Umm... Yeah. A little. Thanks." I smiled at him shyly.

  "Oh, um.... Here, lemme help." He smiled, cheekily, wrapping his arms around me, squeezing me lightly.  

I giggled and smiled into his shoulder. "Yup. That's better." I could feel his chest rumble when he laughed.

  "So..." I yawned feeling really tired. "Where's everyone else??"  

"Well, Lou, Zayn, Harry and Addison are out and Liam's asleep I think." He said, smiling.

  "Oh oka-AAYY" I yawned mid-sentence making Niall chuckle, yet again.

  "You sound tired Em. I'll show you your room." He smiled, and grabbed my hand, helping me stand up. We walked down the hallway, and around a corner, up some stairs and down another hallway. "Here we are." He said smiling, and opening the door.

  "Thank you Niall. For everything. You really didn't have to stay with me that whole time." I said, letting go of his hand lightly and walking over to the bed. He followed me in as I got under the covers. He tucked me in like I was a child, and looked at me caringly. "Goodnight Niall." I said blinking slowly.

  He leaned in slowly so our noses were touching and I could feel every word he spoke. "Goodnight Emma." He leaned in and kissing my lips lightly.   I smiled into the kiss, and pulled back slowly.   As he pulled away, he smiled ear to ear. Walking to the door, he and turned off the light and whispered, "Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite."


"Get up! Get up! It's time for you to get up! Oh! Get up! Get up! Oh it's a great morning so wake up!" Someone yelled, waking me up abruptly.

  "Oh my god! Shut up!" I screamed, smashing a pillow to my face. "My head still hurts!"  

"Oh! Sorry! I forgot!" Addi apologized quietly sitting down on my bed. "But you should get up. It's ten thirty.

  "Oh. Okay. Thanks." I smiled at her and sat up. We both got up and I changed into some track pants and a t-shirt.   We walked down stairs to see Niall, Louis and Zayn in the kitchen. Zayn was cooking eggs and Niall and Louis were on opposite sides of the island. Niall was standing and Lou was on a stool.

  I walked over by Niall and he beamed at me. I smiled back too. As I walked by he grabbed my hand under the counter and squeezed it.   "Are you feeling any better? I'm so sorry." Niall apologized for about the hundredth time, looking into my eyes.

  "Yeah, I feel totally fine. Just a little headache. But I'll take some Advil with breakfast. Right Zaynnn...." I said giggling.

  "If ya want some you better beat Niall to the pan." He replied laughing.

  "Well I think he better let me get to the pan first... After what he did to me!" I joked, making everyone laugh. I loved how I could use this against him!

  "I guess..... Or you know we could just get  a plate at the same time!" Niall suggested, winking at me. I agreed and I went to get up to go get our food.

  "No, Em u sit... I'll go get our food... Would you like a drink? We have orange juice, milk and water...?"

  "Thanks Niall, but I'll get us the drinks... What would you like?" I protested.

  "Emma-" Niall started, but Louis cut him off.

  "Nialler, Emma wants to get you a drink... Just let her... Now tell the lady what you want." Louis stated, I completely agreed with his words!

  "Fine... Em I didn't want to bother you but I guess you could get me an orange juice... I'll show you where the cups are." He huffed, and walked to the cabinet opening it and grabbing two cups.

  When we turned around everyone was gone, so we were left to eat our breakfast alone... What was that all about? "Where did everyone go?" I asked, getting the orange juice out of the fridge.

  "Um... I'm not sure." Niall replied, filling two plates with eggs, bacon and toast.

  "Oh, okay then..." I said, slightly confused, setting the drinks down on the island.

  "Well, it's actually better. This way we can talk... About last night. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...uh... kiss you," He said uncomfortably. He tured away from me and continued. "I was just caught in the moment. But, it's not like I didn't enjoy it." He said, blushing and putting the food down. He sat down beside me and turned to face me.

  "You don't have to apologize..." I said, leaning in. I pecked him on the lips quickly and ran over to the cabinet where the cutlery was.

  "Well, I guess I don't." He smiled. He thanked me as I handed him a fork.

  "No problem." We sat there chatting, getting to know each other a little better, and eating.   'He's pretty cute. And, oh my god, he is the sweetest thing ever. He's adorable...' I thought to myself as we chatted.

  Was I starting to like him? Well... If I was maybe it was a good thing. I had only ever had one boyfriend and he ended up breaking my heart. It was time for me to get back out there. __________________________________________________________________________________

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