Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



31. 21

--------------------------------------------------------------*Emma's P.O.V*
"And Harry?" Niall said with frustration in his voice.
Why the fuck was Harry with Angela? She is a huge slut! Can't he see that? Is he really that dumb?
"Zayn, do you think Harry is going to bring her over here? Addi asked Zayn.
"He always brings the girls back to the table to meet us... So yes I think he is going to bring her back. And I think now." he said pointing towards the two of them now walking towards the table.
"Shit! Niall, Addi, Zayn... ANYONE! Just someone come find sarah with me so then I don't have to talk to that bitch and she doesn't know I'm here." I yelled at everyone at the table.
They kept getting closer and my time was running out.  
"Em, I'll go with you... I can't stand her either." Addi exclaimed and we got up and started to walk away to find Sarah.
Just as we went further into the oppisite direction that Angela was coming they got to the table.
"Plus if she knows I'm here she'll know you're here and wanna come find you Em." Addi added as we searched for Sarah.
"Addi your the best friend ever!" I said and hugged her. "You think about these things! Unlike me... See I am a hopeless blond!"
We both laughed and I pointed.
"Sarah!" I yelled.
She turned and looked at us smiling. She grabbed a guys hand and walked towards us.
"Hey! Where's your boyfriend... And friend." She said raising her eyebrows at Addi.
"They're datingggg!" I yelled in a high pitched sing song voice.
"Emma!" Addi yelled, hitting me in the arm.
"Ohhhh myyyy... Fuck! Really?!" Sarah freaked.
Addi blushed and smiled. "Yeah..." She said looking at the ground.
"I knew you liked him!" She yelled doing a victory dance.
Addi just smiled and laughed. "Yeah. I do. So shut up."
"Anyways, Tom, this is my sister Emma and our best friend Addison." She said smiling. "And guys, this is Tom."
"Hello." He said politely as we shook hands.
"Hi!" Addi said back.
"Okay, Sarah we came and found you cause...uh. Angela's here. And she was-"
She interupted me. "What?! Ah god. Ewww."
"Yeah, but she was with Harry..." Addi continued for me.
Sarah just looked at us. "Damnit Harry. You flirt."
I laughed. Sarah and Addi were fans before we met them... But Addi was nearly obsessed.




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