Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



28. 20! LONG!!!

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Long chapter! 




*Louis P.O.V*
"Ok so where the fuck is this manager guy you speak of?" I asked with anger in my voice.
"Kid calm the fuck down or I will punch the living day lights out of your pretty little fucking face" the man said turning to me about to take my head off.
"Lou calm down let us talk." Liam said calmly. How the fuck can he be calm at a time like this. I thought they were on my side.
"I'm giving you two minutes to explain." I said, trying to take Liam's advice. It wasn't reallly working.
"The song was leaked and it was really catchy. So I thought we'd play. How the hell was I supposed to know you guys would be here!?" He Said defensively.
"Okay! Just please don't play it again." Liam said.
"Yeah? Why not?" He asked rudely.
"Cause the fucking song isn't even supposed to be out yet you fucking idiot!" I shouted at him.
"Alright alright! I won't play it again." He sighed.
"Thank you." Liam said clamly.
I stormed off towards El to tell her what had happened.
---------------------------------------------------------------*Zayn's P.O.V*
After Lou's little fit the DJ came back and took over and Addi and I went and tried to dance for real this time. Since we kept being interupted.
The songs was slow again and we walked to a spot in the corner.
She wrapped her arms around me and we swayed to the music.
"So, what did you want to tell me earlier?" She asked.
"Oh. Just that I... I'm having a great time." I smiled.
"Me too." She smiled back. I leaned down and kissed her lightly.
"How about that little... argument." She giggled.
"Yeah. That was a little rediculous." I replied laughing as well.
We continued dancing and I started thinking.
I really need to take Addi on a date...
"I have an idea." I said to her.
"Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?"
"No, sorry. I have a date with my other boyfriend." She told told me.
"What?" I asked, confused.
"I'm kidding! Of course I willl babe!" She smiled.
I sighed. "You scared me." I laughed.
---------------------------------------------------------------*Emma's P.O.V*
"Niall, again I'm so sorry that I had to fall and that we can't dance or anything." I said and looked at him.
He gently put his hands on my chin, making me look him in the eyes. "Em..." He started "Its okay. I love just being with you. I love you."
"Awe Nialler!" I smiled at him. That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever told me in my life!
"And Em, I just want you to know that..." He sighed. I looked at him, wanting to know what he was going to say. "Em I really do love you."
"Niall, I love you too. So much that I can't explain how much I love you! Your perfect and I can't believe I can call you mine!" As soon as that came out of my mouth I felt his hands on my waist pulling me close and his soft lips crash into mine.
When I pulled away for air we just smiled at each other. "Emma I can't believe your mine." Niall said again as he wrapped his arm around me. I snuggled right up to him.
"Believe it." I whispered. "I wish I could freeze this moment right here and live in it forever" I added cheesily as Addi and Zayn walked back over to our table.
"Umm I see someone is quoting The Hunger Games over here!" Addi exclaimed as her and Zayn sat across from us at the table.
"Wait, what?" Niall asked a little slow, not really understanding it.
"Its alright Goldilocks. Not everyone gets it!" Zayn stated. That just sent me into a laughing fit.
"Hey! That's not very nice guys!" Niall playfully yelled at us. "And you shouldn't be laughing missy! Your blond too!" He said, looking at me.
---------------------------------------------------------------*Niall's P.O.V*
"Its alright Goldilocks not everyone gets it!" Zayn stated. That just sent Em into a laughing fit.
"Hey! That's not very nice guys!" I yelled at them. "And you shouldn't be laughing missy! Your blond too!" I said looking at Emma.
"Ya well I'm a natural blond so I have an excuse to be stupid... And I am." She stated back to me. "But you. I think dyed your hair. That way you would have an excuse!"
Wow my girlfriend is harsh. That one hurt a little. When she saw that I was looking hurt she came sighed and hugged me. "I'm kidding. Your perfect just they way you are and your a lot smarter than I will ever be! Let's just say this... I'm hopeless. "
"Awe no you aren't Em!" Addi added from across the table.
"Yes its true you won't even wanna waste your time on me... I'm a hopeless blond. Just another pretty face with no brains... I think I should be a model! There not the brightest candles on the cake are they?!" Emma asked.
"Oh my god Em is that Angela?!....and..." Addi said trailing off as she pointing towards two people. When she looked over her mouth dropped to the floor.
She was in complete and total shock. I turned to look.
"And Harry?!" I asked completely furious.
Oh my god. Are you serious. She can't be here!




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