Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



2. 2

--------------------------------------------------Emma's P.O.V*---------------------------------------------------

'What the fuck is all the yelling for?' I thought to myself.  

Addi turned to me rather feverishly. "Holy shit Emma! Do you see this!?" She said gesturing to the rest of the plane.  

"Um... Yeah. It's a nice plane." I said to her raising my eyebrows, silently urging her to fill me in.  

"Fuck! Stop fucking biting me Niall!!" The boy yelled again, his voice getting louder as her got closer to us.  

"Harold I am hungry!" The one, whom I assumed was biting the other yelled back. Just then a few boys who were probably the ones on our plane, walked in. I cocked my head to the side, processing what was happening in front of me.  

"NIALL!" They all screamed in unison as they approached us on the plane.  

"Fine. Calm down ya shower a cunts. I was just jokin' around." The blonde boy sighed,  falling into a seat not even noticing Addi and I standing nearly ten feet away from them.  

"Umm, and who might you be?" I questioned them as they began to sit down. They flew out of their seats, just noticing that we were there. The look of shock on their faces was priceless. I stifled a giggle as they answered my question.  

We just stared at eachother for a minute. Then they all smiles.





"Direction!" They all said happily. I backed away a slight bit, freaked out by the creepiness of the situation.  

"Uh, so your the band who my-" Addi cut me off for about the hundredth time today.  

"Oh my god! It's One Direction Emma!!" Addi screamed at me, violently shaking me. She almost started to cry of happiness, while I tried to see straight again. I felt nauseous and had the urge t sit down but I resisted, seeing as we had... company.  

"Well, hi to you too..." Said a the boy wearing plaid as he chuckled.  

"HI..... " Addi said, trying believe what she was seeing. "Phew. Sorry. I'm just a huge fan." She said trying to clam herself down. "I'm Addison."  

"Hello. As we said before, we're One Direction." Said the one in stripes. They all laughed along with Addison.  

"My friend Emma has obviously been living under a rock for the past two years, so you might wanna introduce yourselves." She smiled at them, shoving me forwards.  

"Well, if your really that big of a fan, why don't you introduce us yourself..." Said the one that had earlier been called Harold. He had curly hair and he flashed us a flirty grin.  

"Oh. Alright." Addi said moving towards the boys, blushing lightly. "Challenge accepted."   

She pointed to the curly haired one who had faced her with the challenge, which would probably not be a challenge at all. For her at least.

"This is Harry Styles. He is 18, from Homes Chapel Cheshire. Oh, and he likes cats." She smiled at Harry when he laughed, and moved onto the next boy, who is wearing a varsity jacket.  

"This is Zayn Malik. He is 19, from Bradford. He likes mirrors..." She winked at him and he blushed lightly. I could tell she was nervous, since I had known her for, forever. But no one else seemed to pick up on it.  

All the boys cracked up but composed themselves as she moved on to.... Um... Niall I think they called him.  

"This is Niall Horan. He is 19 and from Mullingar Ireland. He LOVES Nando's and well, food overall!"   They all chuckled again.  

"What can I say? I love my food!" Niall said laughing as well.  

"I think you two will gets along very well." Addi giggled, pointing at me. Everyone knew I loved food. Plus i had to admit, he was pretty cute...

  "This is Louis The Tommo Tomlinson, from Doncaster. He is 20 and his true love is Toms. They are a part of him."

 "Ha! She's doing a good job!" Harry joked nudging Louis.

  "And last but definitely not least is Liam Payne the 19 year old first verse man from Wolver Hampton. He loves turtles and isn't very fond of spoons." she stated, giggling.   Addi stepped back towards me, seemingly proud of what she had just done.  

She leaned over to me slightly. "I can't believe I just did that..." She spoke quietly.  

"Wow... That was spot on! I think we're going to get on very well!" Niall said walking over and putting one arm around each off us.  

"Alright everyone! Seat belts on! Sit down!" Said a man, walking onto the plane.  

"UNCLE PAUL!" I screamed running and jumping into his arms giving him the biggest bear hug ever.  

"PAULLLL!" All the boys yelled in sync, running and joining our hug.  

We all backed up and stood for a second, then the six of us all broke down laughing. Addi joined in immediately, but Paul just stood there, confused. He eventually smiled. "It seems as if you're all getting along nicely." 

He continues, looking at me. "Emma, It's nice to see you sweetie! I haven't seen you since you were ten! You've grown so much!  

We hugged again, this time without any interruptions. We parted the hug and he was about to say something... Probably about the 5 guys behind me, but I started talking before he did. "Uncle Paul this is my best friend Addison the friend I chose to bring with me." I turned to her and continued. "And Addi, this is my uncle Paul."  

"Em! You don't need to introduce me to the one and only PAUL!" Addi yelled. I am almost positive she did it as loudly as she could, possibly trying to pop my eardrums.  

"Well. After all he is my Unc-" Addi cut me off again. She really needs to stop doing that. I made a mental note to talk to her about it later, though I would most likely forget.  

"Wait, what!? Paul is your Uncle? I think I just peed myself!"  

The boys burst out laughing.  Addi covered her face with her hands, clearly, she was embarrassed.   "Dee! Chill, god..." I said resting my hand on her shoulder.  

"Sorry..." She mumbled morosely, walking over to one of the seats and plopping down.  

I looked at her sympathetically. She really must be humiliated. I was about to walk over when, Zayn cut me off and took a seat next to her.



Bleh! It's only getting worse as it goes on. If you wanna still read, be my guest. =D It's been up for like an hour and a half and I already got 19 reads... Woah. Though I was going to get about two, in total. Thanks babes! <3  Gimme feedback and follow away! <3 Xx

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