Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



27. 19

*Zayn's POV*

The man laughed and thought she was kidding.
"Stop the fucking song before I call our manager! Do I have to tell you again!?!" Louis screamed at the man. "We have our own damn DJ so stop the song!"
"Okay, chill kid. I'll stop the song. But who's doing it anyways?" He said looking at Addi.
"Our very own DJ Malik!!" She beamed at me.
"Shit Addi no... Get Niall or Em or anyone else to do-" I started but she cut me off.
"No way! We want DJ Malik! And if you do it, I have a present for you!" She said enthusiastically. I laughed.
'This girl, she's crazy. But that's why I love her so much.' I thought. Wait... Did I just say love?
I shook off the feeling. "Only for you babe!" I smiled at her, giving her a quick kiss.
---------------------------------------------------------------*Addi's P.O.V*
I looked at Zayn. "No way! We want DJ Malik! And if you do it, I have a present for you!" I said to him in a flirty tone.
"Only for you babe!" He replyed back to me, kissing me on the lips. I smiled. Why hadn't I realized that I liked him earlier. Maybe I did and I was just denying it.
But all the things I said to Zayn when he did have feelings. It must have made him feel horrible.
When I looked up,  Zayn was putting on the headphones. "You guys owe me. This is messing up my quiff." He joked.
He turned to the giant speakers and clicked a button. A song came blaring through the speakers.
"Now go." Louis yelled at the guy.
He walked throught a door behind the stage and disapeared.
I walked over Zayn and wrapped my arms around him, looking up at him.
"Alright, DJ A. Lemme show you how it's done." He laughed.
I giggled and he went behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.
"This knob is volume. These buttons are the songs selection." He said pointing to some buttons. He turned me around and gave me a long kiss.
"What was that for?" I asked, smiling.
"For saying yes." He laughed.
"I'm really sorry for all the stuff I said before... About not liking you... I just thought you didn't like me at all. I'm just some girl and you're in the most popular boy band on earth." I sighed.
"I feel like I hurt you. I wish I could take it back. I'm sorry." I apologized again.
"What do you mean? You don't have to say sorry for anything. I did the same thing to you." He said smiling sympathetically.
I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, cuddling into his chest.
"So what was my present for doing this?" He laughed.
I pulled away. "Oh. I don't know, I just said that so you would do it." I said, looking away innocently.
"Excuse me?!" Zayn joked.
"Sorry?" I said, questioningly.
"Yeah yeah. You gotta give me something though. You promised." He joked.
I kissed him. "There."
"That's all?" He said smiling. He leaned in and kissed me more. I kissed him back and ran my hands through his hair. I smiled, and I felt him smile too.
When he pulled away, he put his forhead against mine, turning down the volume of the music slightly and clicking the next song.
He held out his hand. "Dance with me?" He asked cutely.
"Of course." I said smiling.
He pulled me close to him and gently wrapped his arms around me. It was the best feeling in the world.
--------------------------------------------------------------- *Zayn's P.O.V*
I wrapped my arms around Addi and hugged her tightly. She smiled into my chest, making me smile too.
"Addi, I wanna tell you something" I stated
"Yo, Bradford Bad Boy." She said in a deep voice. "You don't needa say that ever single time you wanna tell me something silly!" As soon as she said that I put my forhead to hers.
"Ok " I just wanted to tell you... I lo-" I started but I was cut off by yelling in the back. It was Lou.
"Ok so where the fuck is this manager guy you speak of?" He yelled at someone in the back. I could tell he was getting angry.
"Kid calm the fuck down or I will punch the living day lights out of your little fucking face" the man said.
"Addi we need to go see if they're alright back there" I said turning to her with a shocked look on my face.










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