Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



21. 15

*Addi's P.O.V*
"OK." I heard Harry yell at Louis. "GO GET READY WERE LEAVING IN 20 MINUTES"
"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I exclaimed Sarah and Em looked at me with strange faces. "WE HAVE 20 FUCKING MINUTES TO GET READY NOW."
"Crap! Sarah plug in the flat iron and curling iron. Addi put all the makeup on the bed and grab mirrors and I will grab the nail polish that goes with our dresses the best." Em ordered us.
"Okay." we said in unison. "Wait Em make my nail polish sparkly pink please! You know I LOVE my sparkles!" Sarah said.
"Okay, sure. Addi, I'm just. gonna grab you a plum colour with sparkles."
"That's good with me!" I answered back frantically. We did as we were told and scarmbled to get all the make up the three of us had.'
I put it all on the bed and we started doing each other's hair.
I curled Emma's hair while Sarah flat ironed mine, then we rotated and I did Sarah's hair while Em did her make up. Then Sarah did my make up and I did Emma's.
When we were done we went into my room and put our dresses on. We picked out shoes and bags quickly, and it hepled that we were all the same shoe size.
I went to the top of the stairs. "Harry?! How long 'till. We have to leave!?" I yelled.

"Five minutes or so!" He yelled back.
I ran back into my room. "Five minutes! Five minutes!" I yelled closing the door.
We sat in a triangle on the floor and painted our own left hand nails, then painted each other's right hand.
We finished up and grabbed our purses, being careful not to mess up our nails and ran down stairs.
We slowed when we got near the bottom, remembering Em. We stopped at the bottom of the stairs and waited for her.
Then the three of us walked into the living roopm together.
---------------------------------------------------------------*Zayn's P.O.V*
Addi, Emma and Sarah walked into the living room where all us guys were sitting, waiting for them.
I looked up when they walked in and smiled. Addi looked beautiful.
Niall ran over to Em and kissed her.
"You look gorgeous." He said smiling at her.
"Thank you."
I cringed. I wanted so badly for Addi to be mine already. Then I could do that to her. But I had to just sit here and watch as other people got to.
I always found myself wondering how she didn't have a boyfriend. But she had just moved here a month ago.
Maybe I should tell her how I felt. What if I did, and she felt the same way. But what if she didn't and I lost her to another guy. One that wasn't right for her.
In the past weeks she had become one of my best friends. I had never warmed up to someone this fast. It was strange, but... It felt nice to finally have a girl I could trust and confide in. No matter how much I wanted us to be more than friends.
We all piled into three cars, Addi, Sarah, Liam and I in one. Niall, Em and Harry in another and Louis, Nick and Austin in the last car.
We started to drive, following Harry.
"Okay." Sarah said from the back seat. "I'm going take this chance right now to help the both of you out. Like early on relationship counselling." She continued.
Addi groaned seemingly familiar with this topic.
"Wait, what?" I asked, confused.
Addi sighed. "So, Sarah seems to have this idea that you like-"
"Love." Sarah interjected. Liam snickered in the background and Sarah smiled at him.
"Oh my god." She facepalmed herself and continued. "That you 'love' me. And she thinks that you and I should be a couple or something."
I was screaming on the inside. I wanted to agree with everything Sarah was saying.
"But it's trueeee!" Sarah whined. "You guys would be so cute together! Tell her Zayn! Tell her that you like her!" She insisted.
"Well... Uh... Yeah." Liam added. "Just tell her already mate." He said, making Addison turn around in her seat and give him the death glare.
I wanted to. But instead, I replied with the exact opposite.
"Excuse me?" I asked. I laughed the most convincing laugh I could muster. "Me? In love with Addi? Pft! Okay! When are you checking into the insane asylum?!" I asked.
Addi laughed. "Thank you!" She said relieved.
We all met up outside and went to the front door of the club. There was a line up of a considerable amount of people.
We stood in line chatting, and waiting to get to the front. When we were about three quarters of the way to the front, El pulled up.
Louis ran over to her and smiled. "I haven't seen you in a while. I missed you." He said kissing her.
When we got into the club we went and found a booth big enough for the eleven of us. It didn't really work and we were sort of squished. But when Louis and El got up to dance, and Harry, Austin, Nick and Liam got up to get a drink, it was fine.
Niall, Emma, Sarah, Addi and I were left.
"I'm sorry I can't do anything." Em apologized to Niall.
"It's fine, babe." He smiled. She cuddled closer to him and he put his arm around her.
I felt kinda awkward, sitting here.
"Addi, c'mon. Let's go get a drink." Sarah said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the bar.
"Zayn, do you wanna come?" She asked me before Sarah pulled her away.
"Nah, I'm good." I lied.
She smiled and ran off with Sarah. I watched them swerve in and out of the crowd until I couldn't see them any more.
---------------------------------------------------------------*Addison's P.O.V*
"Two martini's please!" Sarah said to the bartender.
"Oh my god Sarah." I laughed. Oh how she loved her girly drinks. We waited for our drinks and chatted.
We sat there drinking and talking, listening to the music.
"So, about Zayn. I still don't believe him." She said out of the blue.
I groaned.
"How do you not like him back! He's hot! And he's so sweet!" She yelled at me.
"Because.... I don't know! I just don't like him like that and he doesn't like me either!" I scolded her hoping I sounded convincing.
"Pft. Whatever." She said, completely ignoring what I was saying.
I sighed. There was no point in arguing with her. Especially on this topic.
Sarah nuged me and I looked at her. She raised her eyebrows and looked behind me.


I turned around and there was a... Very attractive guy sitting beside me.
"Hey." He said causually, smiling at me.
"Uh, hey." I replied nervously.
"I'm Mark." He said putting his hand out.
I shook his hand. "I'm Addison."
"Would you like to dance?" I looked at Sarah and she widened her eyes and shook her head yes.
I turned back to Mark. "Sure."
He took my hand and we walked onto the dance floor. It was quite a fast song and we started dancing. We were smiling and laughing as we danced.
After about ten minutes he started to get kind of touchy.
"Um, stop that please." I said, feeling extremely uncomfortable.
"Why? You agreed to dance with me." He said with a sneer.
"Yes... But... But as friends." I said. "I have a boyfriend." I couldn't think of anything else to say.
"Then why the fuck are you here at a club by yourself?" He asked rudely.
"I'm not. He's here." I lied.




What?! Addihas a boy friend?! What's this?! Comment who you think it is! Or isn't! Guys please comment if you like this too because my co-author ditched me so ya...


hey guys... So I have been updating a lot in the past 2 days... I will be updating ALOT more now because I wrote a lot faster then my co-author who is no longer writing this with me because she thinks it sucks.... So I am going to keep writing this for you guys! #Muchlove Emily Xxx


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