Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



20. 14

*Zayn's P.O.V*
"God. What do you have in this bag?" I asked Sarah, finally putting her bag down in Emma's room.
She laughed and smiled. "Just... Stuff."
"Oh, thanks. That clears it up." I said sarcastically.
We walked down stairs as Nick and Austin were bringing their bags in. Addi followed behind them, carrying a few smaller bags.
"I'll take those." I said smiling and taking them from her walking up the stairs behind the other guys.
I put them on Austin's bed and walked down the hall, knocking on Harry's bedroom door.
"What?" He asked.
"Are you guys gonna come outta there and say hi to Addison and Emma's.... Um guests?" I asked through the door.
The door swung open and Liam, Harry and Louis walked out. I realized I hadn't really been spending a ton of time with them since Addi and Emma had gotten here.
"God, feels like we haven't seen you in forever." Liam stated. That's exactly what I was thinking.
"Yeah, ever since you and your new girl friend started hanging out, you haven't got time for your best mates?" Harry asked, jokingly.
I blushed but tried to hide it. "She's not my girlfriend." I said a little too defensively. I punched Harry in the arm playfully. "Now c'mon." I said pulling the three of them down the stairs.
I heard them murmer something about Addi and I turned around.
"Whatever it is. Shut up." I said before we walked into the living room.
"Mate, calm down. He was just talking about how you're like in love with her. Cause everyone knows. Well except you and Addi herself." Louis said.
I glared at him. "No, I'm not."
"Okay... Whatever you say." He said dismissively. He walked away before I could say anything back.
Harry, Liam and I walked in and I introduced them.
I turned to walk over to the other couch when Nick said something I never though any.... Boy, would say.
"So, when's your new album coming out?" He asked.
I did a double take and looked at the boys to see if they had heard him. They had the same look on their faces.
We all burst out laughing.
"What?!" Louis asked, still in hysterics.
Nick looked embarassed. "What? I live with... Her." He said pointing to Addi. "I know everything. But your music is pretty good... So can you answer my question?" He laughed.
"Yeah, a few weeks." Harry replied.
"So, Addi why aren't you 'fangirling'? Austin asked.
She punched him. "Cause..."
"Oh. I see how it is. Your friends with us now. So you don't like the band, right?" I said jokingly. I walked over and plopped down beside her on the couch.
"No! I still love you guys!" She assured us.
"Ahem. Girlfriend." Louis coughed.
I looked at him and wished I could have shot lasers out of my eyes.
"Louis, shush." She laughed.
*Emma's P.O.V*
On the drive home from the hospital Niall and I just chatted, but all I could think about was what he had said earlier.
"And I love her." I kept replaying it in my head.
That was the first time any boy had ever said that to me. I got this feeling inside when he said it. It was indescribeable, but it was the best feeling in the world.
And, saying it back to him just made me even happier. I don't know why, it just did.
I leaned over put my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes.
"Are you tired?" He laughed.
"A little." I sighed.
"What's the matter?" He asked squeezing my hand. I looked at him and smiled.
"Nothing. I'm perfect."
"Yes, you are." He said smiling.
I blushed and luaghed. "Thank you, but I'm far from it." I said as we pulled into the drive way.
Niall came and opened my door for me, helping me out.
"Thank you." I smiled, making my way to the front door. When we walked inside the house everyone was sitting in the living room laughing and talking.
"Um, excuse me. I thought you went to get that thing off." Addi said confused. She got off the couch where she was sitting beside Zayn and walked over to me.
"Long story short I have to have it on for one more week. And put no wait on it." I said somewhat annoyed by the situation.
"Oh. Well, if you need anything just ask." She said smiling. "But, it depends what it is, cause this is your fault. You know for being and idiot." She said still smiling.
"Hey!" Niall protested. "There's no need t-" I cut him off laughing.
"Niall, it's okay. This is how we are." I said hitting Addi in the arm.
"Ouw! OH JESUS!" She yelled dramatically, falling back wards and landing length wise on Zayn, Austin and Nick's laps.
Everyone just looked at her for a second but started laughing like crazy after a minute.
"Okay, that was actually so dumb. Why are we laughing so hard?" Nick asked.
That just made everyone laugh a little harder.
"Everyone shut up! My stomach hurts!" Sarah whined. But it wasn't very convincing, considering the fact she was still giggling.
*Addi's P.O.V*
"It's four o'clock! I am declaring now that we are going to a club tonight! You girly girls... And Zayn... Have three and a half hours to get ready. We are leaving at seven thirty." Harry announced to eveyone.
I snickered at the look Zayn gave Harry. "Wanna come get ready with me, biffle?!" I said in a high pitched voice.
"Oh my god." Zayn laughed. He looked at me. "No, but you should start, if you want a chance with any guy, you gotta take care of... That." He said looking me up and down seeming grossed out. He winked.
"Ugh!" I yelled, dramatically. I started laughing and went up stairs with Sarah. We waited for Emma to get up the stairs and went to my room.
"So, whatchya wearin'?" Sarah asked me jumping onto my bed.
"Umm.... I don't know." I replied looking through my clothes. I pulled out a short red summer dress.
"No." Sarah said.
I laughed. "I didn't think so."
I flipped through more clothes and gasped.
"I don't remember buying this...." I said pulling a plum coloured dress.
It had ruffles and sequins, and it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen.
"That. You are wearing that." Sarah and Em both said.
"Okay." I said laying it down on my bed. "What are you wearing?" I asked the two of them.
"Well, when I was packing I though this might happed so...." She walked over to her bags and pulled out a short pink sparkley dress. It was really cute, and very, very sparkley.
"Perfect!" I said. "Em?"
"I was thinking maybe, my green dress I got for prom, but didn't wear it. Cause remember I got another one."
"Yeah!" I said remembering her knee length green dress that I was so jealous of.
"Wow. That didn't take long at all." I said, totally surprised that we had already decided what to wear.
"Um... What do we do now? We don't need three hours to get ready, do we?" Em asked.
"No, so why don't we just talk?" I asked, smiling.
"Yeah." Emma agreed.
"Addi." Sarah said suddenly.
"Yes...?" I asked, a slight bit confused.
"You. Zayn. What's up with that huh?" She asked.
"Oh my god. Sarah I don't like him." I said to her. I sighed and burried my face in my pillow.
"Oh, okay." She said, unconvinced. "But he totally likes you. Like a lot!" She continued.
"Um, yeah." Emma added.
"No, he doesn't. I'll even ask him tonight!" I insisted.
"Okay, you go ahead and do that and see that we we're right. Like always!" Sarah said proudly.
"You can think that guys, but he is going to say no. He doesn't like me like that." I argued. I sat there for a minute. Thinking.
I didn't think I liked Zayn. But... I had never really thought about it. Only denied it...
*Louis P.O.V*
"Hey Haz... Since we're going out tonight, I'm going to tell El to meet us there. So, where are we going?" I asked Harry as he walked into my room.
"Umm I guess were going to the Funky Budda Club downtown I don't know what it's called." He said just picking a place off the top of his head. "Tell her that's where were going." He answered.
"Ok I'm going to go call her. Be back in a minute." I said, as I got up off my bed.
"Hello?" Eleanor spoke clearly into the phone.
"Hey El are you doing anything tonight?!" I asked hopefully.
"Hey Lou!" She said cheerfully. "Nope, I'm not doing anything tonight! Where are we going to?" She asked.
"Well the boys and our girlfriends are going to some funky budda club that Harry's taking us to and since you're my girl, I was wondering if you wanted to meet us there at 7:30?" I asked her.
"Yeah! I'd love to! I'll meet you then. But can you wait outside for me please Lou?"
"I will love, don't you worry! I love you." I replied.
"See you then! And I love you too." She said with a chuckle then hung up.
"HARRY EL IS GOING TO MEET US THERE AT 7:30!" I yelled to Harry.
I went to go get changed. What to wear what to wear?

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