Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



19. 13


*Addi's POV*

The boys put all the luggage in the back of my car and we go in. Zayn and Austin had the front, Nick was in the middle and Sarah and I sat on wither side of him.


"So, can you please explain to me why my little sister is going to the hospital and she can't even tell me why?" Sarah asked me as we started driving.


"Well, she fractured her ankle... Wait, foot? I don't know. Something. And Niall's taking her to get her cast off. Not that big of a deal." I said. I started laughing when she sighed. "What? Did you think she was pregnant or something!?"


She looked at me. "Well...." I burst out laughing.


"Emma!? You think Emma would!? I would suspect either one of us to do that before her!" I said trying to control myself. "Oh my god!" I yelled, laughing even harder.


"I guess your right. Emma... Doing that?!" She said laughing as hard as I was. She leaned on Nick who was in the middle of the both of us.. "Oh my god! I think I'm crying from laughing so hard!"


"Are you okay, Sarah? Your having quite a little laugh attack there!" I said starting to laugh again, too.


"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP?!" Austin yelled turning around in his seat to face us. That just made us laugh even harder than we already were. "Oh god. Dude can you turn up the radio?" He asked Zayn.

*Emma's P.O.V*

"Em, I know I keep apologizing, but I am so sorry for what happened with the fans. I didn't know that they would be there, and I don't know how they found out I was there." Niall said for about the 50th time since we had left the airport.


"Nialler, it's not your fault. Like isaid before, there was nothing you could do. We can forget all about the hate when it starts. If we care about each other, we won't let it bother us. I knew what I was getting myself into when I said yes to you, but, Niall your worth it." I said completely serious. He smiled at me.


"Well I'm not sure if I'm worth it. I'll have to prove it to you. I'm just lucky to have a girl like you, babe!" He said, kissing me sweetly when he parked the car at the hospital.

*Niall's P.O.V*

"Mrs.Anderson, Mr.Horan." The doctor addressed us, nodding as he walked in. "So, we have some news. Both good and bad, I suppose." He said, flipping through a few papers and facing us again.


What could they mean by bad news? Why would there be bad news? We came to get her cast off. I looked at Em and she looked at me, just as confused.


"Um, what exactly do you mean?" I asked the doctor, still looking at Emma.


"Well good news is that your ankle is healing great, but." He said, putting emphasise on the 'but.' "You have two choices. Your ankle hasn't healed completely yet. So you either have to stay off your ankle for a week, and use your crutches again. Or you can wear the air cast for 2 more weeks, then come back and see me again. Your choice." He finished.


"Niall what should I do?" She asked, looking at me with big pleading eyes.


I smiled at her. "It's up to you Em, but whatever you choose, I will do anything, and I mean anything you need. You could even sleep in my room so then you won't have to do the stairs. Its completly up to you though, sweetie." I said. I'm not sure where that came from, but I meant it and I also felt like I needed to repay her for the incident at the airport.


"Thank you Niall. That means a lot." She said hugging me. She turned to the doctor. "I think I'm gonna go with the one week option." She said, seeming a slight more cheery than before. "Oh, and will I have to do physio?" She asked like she had done it before. "Cause I can't really drive because I'm not supposed to put weight on my foot, right? And Niall has to work and if his, well, um, his 'friends' find out where he is going every week, they will go and see him and like mob him and it would be awful especially-" she kept rambling, but I stopped her.


"Em, calm down. I'll drive you. But we don't even know of you have to do physio yet." I told her.


"I know your trying to get out of it Emma. I know you've done it before, from your files, and I know it's not fun. But it will help, so if you wouldn't mind, yes I'd like you to do physio.You don't have to go to the clinic, just do the excersizes you remember. But no sports for at least two weeks." He said, seriously.


"What!? No sports! I can't practice for soccer!?" She asked, actually upset by the news. I didn't know she played soccer... I'm still learning things about her.


"Okay. I guess I won't play soccer for a while." She sighed. "I still need to find my way around town before I start to play again anyway."


We thanked the doctor and left. Emma used her crutches, and we made our way to the car. When we got outside I saw bright lights flashing everywhere. Great. How do these people find out where we are!?


"Niall who is this?!" One of the paparazzi yelled at me.


"Niall and the mystery girl! What's her name, huh!?" Another yelled


"Is this your girlfriend!?" A reporter asked.


"Em, I'm so sorry I didn't want to expose you to this yet." I wispered into her ear.


"Niall, it's ok... It's not your fault. I don't care what everyone thinks." She wispered back. It made me happy to hear that.

I stopped, right in the middle of the crowd and looked at Emma. I smiled.


"What?" She giggled.


I just stared at her for a second.


I took her face in my hands and leaned in closer to her, smiling.


I kissed her passionately, right there in front of all the cameras. I heard clicking and whispering, but I ignored it all.

When I pulled away, we were both smiling.


I turned to the people around us. "This is Emma. She is my beautiful girlfriend. And... And I love her." I said, smiling at her.


She looked shocked, but smiled at me. "I love you too Niall."

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