Nobody Compares

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Addison Holcomb and Emma Anderson's life get flipped when Emma's uncle asks if they want to come study in London England... What happens in London?!



1. 1

--------------------------------------------------*Emma's P.O.V*--------------------------------------------------


  "Only 5 more minutes until were out of high school for ever!" My best friend Addison whispered to me running her hands through her long, dark, wavy hair. I could see the excitement in her big green eyes as she stared at me, waiting for an answer. 

"Oh my god!!!! I am so excited for this summer and up coming year!! Oh, Addi, after school meet me at the car and we will go grab our suitcases." I whispered back to her as we tried to pass the time. I pulled my shoulder length, blonde hair out of the bun I had been wearing it in all day and threw it back up trying to occupy myself.  

"Will do! I am so excited! How did you even get tickets for free?!" Addison yelled causing the whole class to look at her. She shrugged. "What?! I am excited for the summer!" She said matter-o-factly, looking around the room at people snickering at her.

  "Well keep it down Ms.Holcomb... I am try to finish one last lecture." Mr. Watson told her. "And if you don't shut your mouth you will have to stay and clean the chalk board like last year... And we all know how you hated that." He threatened. Oh how we hated Mr.Watson but he was our teacher and we had to respect him if not he was going to call Addison's parents and they won't let us go to England to study this year. She rolled her eyes and continued talking to me when he turned back to the chalk board.

"Why is your hair so straight?" She questioned me, randomly. She poked my bun and we giggled, admitting another glare from the teacher. 

As we got in the car and I started to drive she asked me again. "Emma will you answer my question this time?!"

"I promise I will... What is it?" I asked her.  

"HOW IN GODS NAME DID YOU GET FREE FUCKING TICKETS TO ENGLAND?!?!" She yelled, almost making me loose control of the vehicle.  

"Addi, calm down!" I told her, trying to cover up my fear and panic, by laughing. "I told you before my cousin Angela. -You met her last summer- She lives there and her uncle has a big job working with some famous boy band... One Direction I think-" Addi stopped me as I was trying to finish my thought.  

"Did you just say ONE FUCKING DIRECTION?!" She yelled, yet again. 'Man, she needs to stop asking me stupid questions or I might just leave her at home.' I thought to myself. 

"Yes I did. And stop yelling!" I told her laughing slightly. "But anyways," I continued, hoping she wouldn't interrupt me again. "He said he would pay for me and a friend to come stay and go to school over there if I wanted. So I said yes and that's how it happened." I informed her as we arrived at her house. She ran in and grabbed her suitcase and ran back out quickly, eager to leave this city. On the way to my house we didn't speak once.

It was a slight bit depressing but I could tell she was thinking about her family and I didn't want to interrupt her. As we pulled up to my house, I asked her if she was coming in, knowing she would want to at least say goodbye to my family. Plus, we weren't leaving for a half hour. "Come get food and tell me who this One Direction is."  

"You don't know who they are?" Addison asked, completely disregarding the other half of my sentence. While getting out and slamming the door, she added a little more than was needed. "They are not only like the BIGGEST boy band in the whole fucking world but they are SO HOT!! Like shit those boys are damn fucking sexy!" She yelled. We looked at each other and laughed at how she was over reacting.

I knew she had been completely in love with some boy band for the past few months or so but I didn't like when she lectured me like this. Regardless of how much I knew about the situation. But I let her anyways. She went on about them and how she liked one named, I think Zayn... I don't know. She was still blabbing about them, when it was time to go.  

"Oh my god Addi shut the fuck up!" I yelled at her. "And its time to go." I added sweetly. I didn't mean to sound so harsh, so I apologized as we walked into the kitchen, I was just a little sick of hearing about them.  

"Did I just hear what I think I heard?!" She asked. I didn't swear all that much so she knew I was completely serious. I sighed, sick of all the questions.    

"Yes, yes you damn well did just hear what you think you did." I said sharply. "Can we just go? I want to get out of London, Ontario and go to London, England already."

------------------------------------------------*Addison's P.O.V*------------------------------------------------- "Yes, yes you damn well did just hear what you think you did." Emma said sharply. I could tell she was annoyed. "Can we just go? I want to get out of London, Ontario and go to London, England already."  

"Harsh Em... Just plain harsh." I said as I rolled my eyes dismissively. "But seriously, let's go! I want to get out of this town too." Right as that came out of my mouth, Emma just got up and left to the kitchen, as I followed closely behind.  

I walked into the kitchen to find Emma saying goodbye to her parents. "Oh, Emma hunny, as soon as you get to uncle Paul's house call us." Her mom ordered her.  

"Oh Em... I'll miss you so much, who will I have around to steal my food?!" Her dad joked with her.   "I'll miss you guys too." Emma said while holding back tears. "We have to go now."  

"Bye mommy and daddy Anderson!" I said excitedly as we were leaving.  

"Take good care girls!" her mom yelled after us.  

"We will!" We yelled in sync.


Next thing I knew we were at the airport checking through security. "Ladies I  need you to show me your tickets to make sure you are on this flight to London England because only 2 girls are on this flight." The security guard told us.    

"Umm sure sir..." Addi hesitated. We showed him our tickets confused by the situation, but we had no choice to obey him. We wanted to get out of this god forsaken town more than we had wanted anything in out 18 years. He let us on the plane without hassle  seeing as we had the correct tickets. As we walked onto the plane, all I could think was 'This is our chance for a new beginning. We can start over.'  


"Oh my fucking god! I think I just shit myself!!!!" I screamed, over dramatically. The plane was unbelievable... Who would put us on a plane like this with only 5 others?? Then it clicked. Paul is going to be on our plane! That's when I heard the yelling and screaming coming from some very familiar voices. I don't know how many guys, I just knew they were the ones on our plane. "Fuck!" Someone shouted.

"Boo-Bear," He whined. "Niall scared the shit out of me!" One of the boys yelled, arguing back in, from what I could tell, was a heavy Irish accent. 'Sexyyyy.' I thought to myself.    

I remembered Emma was standing and wondered what she was thinking of all of this....


Asdfghjkl Ahhh! I know it's bad but even if you didn't like it, means a lot that you read it! Leave comments to let me know what you thought! Thank youuuu! This was written by my best friend Paige and I. She doesn't have an account but I have  to give her credit for partially writing this. <3 Xxx Oh. By the way this was the first chapter so it might be a bit longer than the others will be in the future. Not sure yet. #BigLove :) Xxx

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