Malik's story

This story is about Zayn Malik having a relationship with an Australian girl who lives in the country, they love each other tones, and zayn obviously isn't afraid to show it. :D hope you enjoy.


2. What comes next.

As we walked back to the car, we decided to play truth or dare, we sat down in a circle and span an empty bottle to decide who went first, Liam was sitting on my jacket, he didn't want to get his pants dirty, as it spun, I realised I had never played truth or dare with the boys before.

"YAY!!! I'm going first." Harry said, "hmm, Louis, truth or dare?" Harry asked, pulling a stupid accent  "dare." Louis said bravely  hoping for a good one. "well, Louis Tomlinson, I dare you to-" "get on with it" Niall interrupted. "to... hum the Aussie national anthem while hopping around in circles, ok GO!!!" Louis almost fell over once, but then Liam caught him again and stood him back up, Louis finished and we re-spun the bottle. "ok, India, truth or dare?" "I chose dare." "Ok, this will be fun, India, give me a lap dance." Louis said, cheekily "what, no, I have a boyfriend." I said, quite shocked "yeah Louis, don't be a dick" said Zayn. "but she chose dare." "OK, I'll do it."

I stood up, right in front of Louis, and started unbuttoning my shirt, looking Louis straight in the Eye's, you could tell he was nervous, he kept looking down, I slid my shirt off, Niall gasped, and Liam looked away, I undid my short buttons as well  turned around, and started slowly moving my hips, as my shorts began to slip off, and Louis started to get an erection, Liam screamed out for me to stop "India, Louis, both of you, just stop, how do you think Zayn feels watching this, this is just wrong!" exclaimed Liam. It was just awkward after that, back in the car, on the way home, I realised ALL of One Direction had seen my breasts, as I lay in bed with Zayns arm around me i realised how stupid that was, giving a lap dance to someone who was probably drunk enough to do something bad.

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