Malik's story

This story is about Zayn Malik having a relationship with an Australian girl who lives in the country, they love each other tones, and zayn obviously isn't afraid to show it. :D hope you enjoy.


1. Hide and Seek.

I sat there, hiding in the tree, in fear of being the first found, Louis was walking around with a flash light in his hand, I heard Niall swearing loudly, Liam cautiously approached him, hoping not to be spotted "Niall, what's wrong?" Liam asked thoughtfully "oh, I stood on a prickle." Niall replied, sheepishly. As Harry ran from his hiding spot Louis turned, Harry dropped to the ground at just the right time hidden in the long grass on the back paddock, "Found you Liam, Found you Niall!" Louis was excited, he sucked at hide and seek (or the seek part anyway.

I felt someone touch my shoulder, I turned quickly to see my boyfriend sitting behind me "Zayn, you scared me." I thought he might of been a possum or something. "sorry" he said lamely, he started to kiss me  me,  I could feel his soft lips upon mine, he started to lean back, dragging  me on top of him, moving his hands down to the top on my shorts, I took his hands of me and started to get back up, "babe, I  love you, but remember, we are 3 meters high in a tree playing hide and seek." Zayn just kissed me again and smiled, I stood up and started to climb down the tree, Zayn grabbed my arm "stay, Louis wont see us up here." Zayn begged "okay, only if you promise to stop." I said, I climbed back up, leaned over and kissed him. He giggled.

I heard Harry laugh, than heard Niall yell something "hey Zayn, finally your being a man!" Zayn simply stuck his arm out and stuck the finder up at him, his lips still locked with mine, in this darkness, everything felt fine, then Louis came over, Niall yelled really loudly, Harry saw Louis and bolted "hey Harry, found you." Than Louis looked up, and whistled loudly "tap in!" then I felt embarrassed "India, lets get down now" Zayn said, his calmness really seducing me. 

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