The Demigod Games

My entry for the fanfic competition, its a crossover mainly of the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, but there are also some other characters from other books I enjoy reading in here as well. Some things in this I have meant to be different to the books, but as for the cabins in Percy Jackson matching up to the districts... I have intended to keep these the same, if you get what I mean, except I have changed Hera from Cabin two to District thirteen. So if any of the cabin numbers do not match up to the district numbers (except Hera and Hades) please point it out, I've tried to find them all! XD Please enjoy ;D


2. Illegal hunting

Katniss notched the arrow to her bowstring, her eye never leaving the plump little goose. As she pulled the bowsring back to her nose, Katniss imagined the goose, sitting on the table, just waiting to be eaten. It's feathers would make excellent stuffing for pillows - she may even be able to sell them. Or, she could give them to Prim, to make something with. Katniss loosed. Her arrow flew with a deadly aim, flying swiftly through the air towards the goose. The arrow pierced it's eye before it even knew that it's life was over. Katniss walked silently over to the goose, picking it up and inspecting it. A good kill. A very good kill. She stuffed it in her game bag, and went to search for her next target.


Katniss returned to her house with three squirels and her goose. She dumped her bag on the table, and Prim ran up to see. 

"I got a goose." she called softly. "We'll be eating well tonight." Her mother walked up to the table, and picked up the goose to inspect it.

"Your father would be proud of you, Katniss." she smiled. Instantly, Katniss frowned, her expression turning sour and her eyes growing angry.

"My father is the wine God. He who gets drunk and plays stupid gambling games while his children and his wives are dying!" she growled. Dionysus - the god of District 12. A sore subject for Katniss, who despised The Demigod games as much as any other, and who wanted to be daughter of Artemis or Apollo. They would be proud of her, for hunting. Dionysus couldn't care less. Before her mother could answer, Katniss stormed up to her bedroom. 


When her mother had plucked and prepeared the goose, Katniss was feeling slightly guilty for snapping.  But she didn't apologise. She slipped silently into her little wooden chair, her eyes looking soft and more gentle now. 

"That cat doesn't get any. This is the best catch I've had in months now, Prim. Humour me, and let the cat go hungry." she laughed as Prim slipped some of the goose under the table for Buttercup. She jerked her hand away like she was going to pretend she hadn't done it. Katniss dropped the matter - they might as well enjoy the goose and forget that the reapings were in only a few days time. Katniss and her mother had no interesting good news to share, so they let Prim talk about school. Although her mother appeared interested in what Prim said, Katniss was only half listening. She was thinking about the Games. It was Prim's first reaping, and she might get picked... No. Katniss told herself that Prim's name was only going in once. She couldn't possibly be picked. Katniss zoned back in to the conversation, where Prim was saying about a play that she was in. Everyone had almost finished by now, and they were all feeling content after eating something so beautiful in flavour. Prim was the last to finish, mainly because she had been talking so much, and by that time, Katniss had grown bored of sitting at a table. Her mother got up, taking the plates over to the kitchen, and leaving Prim and Katniss at the table while she washed up. Katniss pushed her chair away, about to leave, when Prim grabbed her sleeve.

"Katniss?" she asked in a very timid tone. Katniss looked at her and replied,

"Yes, Prim?"

"What if I get picked for the demigod games? I don't want to go into that nasty arena and die. Daddy's kids hardly ever win. Th-thats what I heard you telling Mummy a week ago. You said that wine and curing poison was no good in the arena. Y-you said that Aragorn only won it because he knew how to use a.... A sword really well! You said-" Katniss cut off Prim.

"I know I said that Prim, but I only said it because I was angry with Daddy. Okay? Now don't cry. Your name only goes in once, Prim. You won't have to go to the Demigod Games. Trust me." Katniss smiled, wiping away her little sister's tears. Prim sniffed.

"Okay. Thankyou Katniss. Are you sure I won't get picked?" she checked. Katniss nodded.

"Yes. I'm sure..."

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