The Demigod Games

My entry for the fanfic competition, its a crossover mainly of the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, but there are also some other characters from other books I enjoy reading in here as well. Some things in this I have meant to be different to the books, but as for the cabins in Percy Jackson matching up to the districts... I have intended to keep these the same, if you get what I mean, except I have changed Hera from Cabin two to District thirteen. So if any of the cabin numbers do not match up to the district numbers (except Hera and Hades) please point it out, I've tried to find them all! XD Please enjoy ;D


1. A little history.

Years ago, the Titans came back from Tatarus to punish the Gods and the humans. They were lead by Kronos. However, a young demigod named Percy Jackson, son of Poseiden, managed to defeat Kronos in battle. But this was not the end of the Titans...

Fifty years after the death of Percy Jackson - who lived to over eighty years old, somehow - a demigod was born, one similar to Luke, son of Hermes. This halfblood was named Dion, and was the son of Ares. However, he hated the Gods, and so betrayed all his 'friends' to bring back Kronos once again. Just like Luke had done, years ago, Dion hosted Kronos. This time, however, there was no demigod powerful enough to prevent Kronos from seizing his revenge. And so, with nobody to stop him, Kronos split the humans into 13 districts. He kept for himself a huge city, which he named the Capitol, and filled it with any humans he thought worthy of the city. He also let the minor gods and other Titans who had helped him stay there, and improsoned Hestia at the capitol as well, for she was the Goddess of the hearth and home. Each Olympian got their own district. They were...

District 1 - Zues

District 2 - Hades

District 3 - Poseiden

District 4 - Apollo

District 5 - Ares

District 6 - Athena

District 7 - Demeter

District 8 - Artemis

District 9 -  Hephaestus

District 10 - Aphrodite

District 11 - Hermes

District 12 - Dionysus 

District 13 - Hera

Kronos then forced the Olympians into having at least twelve kids a year with mortals from their district. Then, each year, a male and a female demigod, aged twelve to eighteen, from each district would be chosen to participate in the 'Demigod Games', a harsh and annual competition where only one of the players will survive. When Hera refused this, Kronos, with his newfound power, managed to destroy Hera along with district 13, for his new magic could slay even Gods. Kronos also forced Artemis, Goddess of the hunt, into breaking her vow to stay a maiden, under pain of not only her own death, but her brother's as well. Finally, Artemis agreed to this, and so she was no longer the Goddess of maidens. This brings us up to date with the story... Please enjoy.

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