Deeply In Love

Madys BFF is engaged to liam of One Direction. She flies to London for the wedding and meets zayn. They fall deeply in love. But will it last forever?


6. Theme park.

When he saw me he told me to hurry up and get ready cause we were going to a theme park with the rest of the boys, Danielle and Eleanor. I quickly ran upstairs to change while zayn watched TV. I put on one of my pink dresses that was really pretty and slipped on some small silver heels. Then i went into the bathroom i curled my hair to the side and put on some makeup. When i went downstairs zayn just stared at me with his mouth open.



  Zayns P.O.V

When mady walked downstairs  my mouth dropped to the ground in astonishment. She looked so beautiful. "What?" She asked. "You look beautiful" i said. "Thanx lets get going now" "ok" i said.



Madys P.O.V

When we got to the theme park we met Danielle, Eleanor and the rest of the boys harry was hanging out with this new girl but i didn't quite get her name. When we finished and went home i got a text from Danielle saying that we were going to have a dress fitting tomorrow. I smiled at the text and than continued on with my life.

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