Deeply In Love

Madys BFF is engaged to liam of One Direction. She flies to London for the wedding and meets zayn. They fall deeply in love. But will it last forever?


8. The dress fitting.

When i woke up the next morning i got up and made some pancakes. Whe i finished eating them i got up and had a shower to get ready for the dress fitting. I decided to wear a nice flimsy white summer dress and some nude pumps. I then went to the bathroom and put my hair into a high ponytail and straigtened it. I put on some makeup and left taking my keys, phone, purse and jacket wth me. When i hopped into the car thesong little things came onto the radio. I started singing softly and before i knew it i was there. I looked at my phone and realised i was a halfhour early, so i went to the nearest coffe shop and got a drink. After about 20 minutes i walked back and saw Danielle, Eleanour, Lara (who i think is harrys girlfriend) and Tasreen who is Nialls girl friend. I introduced myself and met everyone. They were all nice. We ended up deciding on some nice pink flowy desses, our hair in a nice sock bun with daffodils in it. When we finally finished we went to the cafe for lunch. I just got a lunch wrap. When we were done i drove to the store to get some things i needed. When i got back i decided to ring up eleanor to seeif she wanted to go to maccas cause i cant be bothered to cook. When i rang her she said she was already there with louis and asked if i wanted to join them. Of course i said yes.




*************15 minutes later***************


i had just arrived at maccas and saw the van and when i walked inside i realised everyone was there. it was really fun i got talking to lara and tasreen who were really nice. It turns out lara is from america and tasreen is from ireland. I can already tell this weddings gonna be filled with love and heart ache!!!!!






hey guys!!! i know im the worst writer :( and i said id update its just that i've been so busy with going overseas and some family issues but im back b**tces and i promise with all my heart and soul i will  update more often. And to continue the sad bits i know this is a short chappie but its cause i needed to get this bit over with cause its not important!!!! On to the good bits ii am proud to say i am now at 400+ readers  *applause* thankyou thankyou *takes a bow* anywayyy..... i am now happy to say that i am as dedicated to movellas as i am to school... which isnt very much :( nahhh jks but unfortunately i got school captain and schoool starts tomorrow but i wi- SUPERMANN!!!!! wait oh sorry anyway back to the heartfelt speech - i will update !!!!! :)

anywayy orevwa  and please vote, comment, and chase a hobo


mady out xoxo

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