Deeply In Love

Madys BFF is engaged to liam of One Direction. She flies to London for the wedding and meets zayn. They fall deeply in love. But will it last forever?


1. The beginning.

       Madys P.O.V

I woke to the sound of my alarm buzzing. I hit the snooze button. I was finaly able to get me out of bed. I had a quick shower and put on some floral shorts, my blue button up top and my pink slip-ons. I pinned my long brown hair up into a messy bun and went into the bathroom to do my make-up. I was going for a natural look. After I looked at myself in the mirror, satisfied with my look, I grabbed my jacket and purse and started to walk out the door. After I walked out the door my phone started to ring. It was my BFF Danielle. I answered. She yelled at me telling me to get to her place right away. I jumped into the elevator and hopped into the car. When i got there she was sitting on the edge of her lounge on her boyfriend Liams lap with a glass of champagne on her lap. "So" i asked ? "Whats the news?" i asked. "We are getting engaged!" Liam and Danielle both yelled in sync.

      Danielles P.O.V

I looked at madys face. She looked so shocked. I was really worried.

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