Deeply In Love

Madys BFF is engaged to liam of One Direction. She flies to London for the wedding and meets zayn. They fall deeply in love. But will it last forever?


3. Packing and Preparing

When I was driving home i decided to get some maccas. I finished on the way home. I was so tired that as soon as I got home I fell asleep. The next morning i woke at 6. I know it's early but i had alot of stuff to do. First things first. A flat. I looked everywhere and when i was about to give up i finaly found the one that i wanted. It was 2 story and had a pool and spa inside,3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and everything else a house would have. I clicked buy and that was that i had just bought a new house. Now onto the second item on my list packing. I knew  i neede to go shopping for afew more clothes and bits. But first i needed to take a shower and get ready to go. When i was done and dried i went into my closet and picked out some clothes to wear. I wore some red skinny jeans, a cute blue mid-drift and some black toms. I then went into the bathroom and put it into a really cute high pony tail and decided not to wear make-up. I ran into the kitchen and started cooking up some bacon eggs. I finished that and then raced out the door whilst grabbing my phone, keys and purse. I decided to take the stairs today and jumped into the car. I was trying to get there early so i could have lunch there with Danielle. The first shop i went to i found the prettiest clothes ever. I actually finished all of my clothes shopping in that one shop. But it took me like an hour and a half. The next shop i went to was for some cushions, an armchair and a couple other bits and peices. I looked at my watch it was 12:30. Great. Just in time for lunch. I decided to go to a little caffe down the road. After I had finished lunch and drove back home i began packing. When I was nearly finished i got a call from Liam saying that my flight had been moved to tommorow. OMG. I began packing so fast that i broke a vase. When i was finaly done. I called the removalists for them to pick up my furniture. When they were done. I was finaly able to lay on the floor with my pillow. I ordered pizza and went to bed early ready for the flight at 6:30.

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