Deeply In Love

Madys BFF is engaged to liam of One Direction. She flies to London for the wedding and meets zayn. They fall deeply in love. But will it last forever?


2. Engaged.

           Madys P.O.V

I was shocked but happy at the same time."OMG!" i screamed. We stayed like that  for an hour just talking about the wedding. It was going to be in London because of the other boys and Liams family. The boys would be the best men, i would be the Maid Of Honour and Louis' girlfriend Eleanor would be one of the three bridesmaids. Danielle would move to London to be closer to him. I thought about that for along time. I didn't want to lose my best friend. So i decided that i would move to London with her. I know it was a big decision but it was the right one. I looked at my watch. OMG. It was 3:30. We kept talkin for about 30 mins and it turns out im goin to move in a week because they want me there to help plan. OMG. My life had just changed so dramatically in just 3 hours and i had so much to do.

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