The run in

I just started at a new school . So far I really like it here sept I don't know any body with sucks. I went to math class and well it was math class so yea it was not fun at all but a boy runs into me my book go every where :( and I flew back with I don't hit my head or anything but I'm not wearing a very good bra so I really hurt my boobs ow and this boy rushed down to help me up and help me pick up my books and papers I get up

-hi my name is zyan said the boy

And now that I have got a better look at him I can see how cute he really is

-hhhi I studder mmy name is Lexy

-oh well ur new here I am tell
-yea I am .
-hey where do u live said zyan

Witch caught me off guard

-ummm olk street
-cool I live by there maybe I can come over cutie

What did he just say did he just call me cute??!?
-here is my number handing me a paper with his number on it


2. The next day of school

His name scars me . When I was getting ready I got a text from him saying "hey beautiful it's zyan" I smile and giggled quietly and adding him to my contacts then I text back "hi it is Lexy well u knew that lol fail" zyan texted back "I'm gonna pick u up so u don't have to walk ;)" even tho I was alone I blushed. 20 min later my mom tells me that there is a car here for me so I go down stars and zyan is at my door

-hi zyan

-hey beautiful

-thanks ur sweet

-I get in his car after he opens the door for me on our way there he puts his arm around me we pulled up at the school and I started to open the door and zyan goes "hold on babe *kisses me on the cheek* and runs to the other side to open the door for me he was so cute I wanted him In the worst way he knew how to treat a girl then I stand up and get up out of the car I couldn't hold back I kissed him on the lips

-woah Lexy I was just going to do that *blushing*

Zyan puts one hand on my hip and grabs my shirt and pulls me closer and we were about to makeover (I'm guessing) an we got yelled at by a teacher

-hey you two don't do that

*we both laugh*
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