The run in

I just started at a new school . So far I really like it here sept I don't know any body with sucks. I went to math class and well it was math class so yea it was not fun at all but a boy runs into me my book go every where :( and I flew back with I don't hit my head or anything but I'm not wearing a very good bra so I really hurt my boobs ow and this boy rushed down to help me up and help me pick up my books and papers I get up

-hi my name is zyan said the boy

And now that I have got a better look at him I can see how cute he really is

-hhhi I studder mmy name is Lexy

-oh well ur new here I am tell
-yea I am .
-hey where do u live said zyan

Witch caught me off guard

-ummm olk street
-cool I live by there maybe I can come over cutie

What did he just say did he just call me cute??!?
-here is my number handing me a paper with his number on it


1. That dream

Author's note: sorry if you don't understand this part read description :)

I fell asleep fast I had a very hard day but zyan was still o my mind and I had a sex deem about him :

We are siting on this bed and he kisses me hard and slow he stops for a second and whispers in a low sexy voice "are you ready" I nod my as if I need him we start making out his yonder slips into mine he dominates me sexually he pushes my down on the bed pushing into me his hand wonder up my shirt and in clips my bra and rips of my shirt he sucked my nipples I moan he kisses my quickly he unzips his pants then grabs me by my hair up to his cock I put him in my mouth gladly bobbing my head as he pulls my hair back and froth zyan groans then pulls me up an pushed me down on the bed tars off my skirt he spreads my legs with force and trusts himself in me and thrusts harder and harder I start screaming his name his thrusts become more sloppy so I know he is going to cum witch was good because I was to then I feel his warm cum spill inside of me his name is still stuck in my head
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