Last First Kiss

Georgia is a girl from Australian town, when she finds out thather sister is engaged she flies all the way to London for her wedding. She loves it so much that shes stays there and buys a flat there. When she finds out all the boys from 1D live there. Find out what happens beetween them later on in the book.



Georgia's P.O.V

We had a great time out on the boat! We went back to the hotel and fell asleep at around 10:30pm. The next day I woke up in his strong arms I jumped out of bed and went to have a look at the calender and saw tomorrow was my sisters wedding. "OMG" I shouted. Harry woke up instantly "What's wrong baby," He whispered. "1. I saw my sisters wedding is tommorow and 2. Since when was I your baby!" I said in a jokingly matter.

It was an akward silence and then he said "ummm...........," "What," I yelled "Will you be my girlfriend?" He said shyly.

I jumped on him and rapped my legs around his beautifully shaped body. "YES!" "YES!" I screamed and kissed so passionetly this time. I dont believe I'm kissing HARRY STYLES form ONE DIRECTION! I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and somehow i thought it was immature but I really liked it. I went along with it. It felt so good. I hopped off him and went to get ready.

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