Last First Kiss

Georgia is a girl from Australian town, when she finds out thather sister is engaged she flies all the way to London for her wedding. She loves it so much that shes stays there and buys a flat there. When she finds out all the boys from 1D live there. Find out what happens beetween them later on in the book.


14. It's coming

4 weeks later


Georga's P.O.V

"Well, the baby's due date is today," I said to my friend "Oh okay,"      "Ahhhhh," I bent don and scremed " I am having my baby, get harry now!" She ran off to harry's room and came back with a worried harry. We drove to the hospital ad he took me to the emergancy room. I was screaming all the way. I got into the hostpital room and you know what happened next.


5 hours later


Harry's P.O.V

I held her for the very first time. She was so beautiful. I finally had a daughter!

"Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful, Isn't she precious, Less than 1 minute old, I never thought, throug love would be," I sang to her soflty. I handed her t her wonderful mummy. That night we were talking abought our honeymoon. She sad "Um... I don't want to go anymore how about we stay home and look after .... Omg we forgot her name!" "Chloe, Natasha or Kymani I reckon." "Kymani it is!"

Suprisingly the next day we had to go home. We had already bought whatwe eed sowe wre already to begin a new chapter of our young lives!

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