Last First Kiss

Georgia is a girl from Australian town, when she finds out thather sister is engaged she flies all the way to London for her wedding. She loves it so much that shes stays there and buys a flat there. When she finds out all the boys from 1D live there. Find out what happens beetween them later on in the book.


10. "I have something to tell you Harry"

I walked in the door and Harry was there in a minute. I said " I need to ask you something, is that okay?" "Yeh beautiful, what is it?" "Umm, I was wondering if you would move in with me?" I said.

There was an awkward silence......

"SURE!" He yelled. I ran and kissed him on the lips. " Anything else?" He said. "Yes 1 more thing," "um....  you know how i had to go in 2 more days, I sought of am gonna live hear now I am LIVING HEAR!" I almost screamed

"OMG" Harry said.

Harry's P.O.V

I was so happy I didnt know what to. We did our happy dance and then went to bed with her in my arms. I love her so much!

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