Last First Kiss

Georgia is a girl from Australian town, when she finds out thather sister is engaged she flies all the way to London for her wedding. She loves it so much that shes stays there and buys a flat there. When she finds out all the boys from 1D live there. Find out what happens beetween them later on in the book.


8. Getting ready for the wedding :D

As I jumped into the shower harry walked in and said "May I join!" I didnt know what to say I just said "Yeh okay" He jumped in and his abs were so hard I love to rest my head against them. Anyway once me and harry got out of the shower, I told him to GO AWAY and I got dressed and did my makeup and hair I slipped on my red jeans and my striped blue shirt. I put a grey beanie on and went to go downstairs for breakfast. I made myself pancakes and told harry I was going out to get my flowers for the wedding. He said okay and I walked out the door. Once I was finished it was 1:00pm and I had bought a light blue boquet of roses. It was such a tiring day, that I went home had lunch and had a snooze for 3 1/2 hours.

Harry woke me up at 4:30pm and we went out for dinner at the most biggest and best restraunt in all of London! The food was delicious. I wished I had orderd more. After we payed our bill we jumped in the car and went home. I fell asleep in the car and once we got home Harry carried e in and pecked my lips with a lovely kiss!

I woke up the next day and......

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