Last First Kiss

Georgia is a girl from Australian town, when she finds out thather sister is engaged she flies all the way to London for her wedding. She loves it so much that shes stays there and buys a flat there. When she finds out all the boys from 1D live there. Find out what happens beetween them later on in the book.


12. 3 Months later

3 Months later-

Georgia's P.O.V

"Harry," I said, "Yes love," " um Im pregnant......" "Holy shit!" Harry yelled excitedly. We jumped up and down for an hour or two. I fell asleep in his arms and thought of how lucky we are to be blessed with a beautiful son or daughter.

The next day, Harry and I went for a ultrasound to see what gender the baby is... When we got there we were waiting in line for our ultrasound. "Next!" The doctor said as we stood up. We got in the room and he said " Please lie down here and I'm going to put this weird jelly stuff on your lower stomach. 10 minutes later he put this thing on me that saw through my skin...  "It's a GIRL!" He exclaimed quite loudly. We were so excited and so happy......

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