Being With You

Hannah meets Harry Styles while she is visiting her aunt in Holmes Chapel. Harry introduces her to the band and management. Management decides to mold her into the "perfect girlfriend" just like they did with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. Will she be able to handle it all, with the help of the girls? Or will they try to change her too much? Read and find out!

P.S- I know management sucks, but I also know they probably aren't this bad. It's an exaggeration for the storyline, so no hate because it's dramatic. Thanks! xxx

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6. Plans

A/N: Sorry this has taken so long! haha OH! and I realized for a while that I was using the wrong name for POVs! I mixed it up with the other story I write. Sorry! It's fixed now. :)

Anyways, thanks for reading! Hope you like it!


Hannah’s POV


We walked back to my aunt’s house hand in hand, talking about what we were going to do from here on out. We decided that we would take the next two weeks and get to know each other better, stress-free. Then, if things worked out, we would go to London together, where Harry would introduce me to the rest of One Direction and management.

When we got back to the house, dinner smelled amazing. It was steak and potatoes, one of my favorites. We sat down to dinner with Anne and my aunt Georgia, and once the small talk died down, they looked at Harry and I with expectant looks.

“So… what’s going on with you two?” my aunt asked.

“We won’t tell anyone or judge, we promise.” Anne added.

“Well…” Harry started. He grabbed my hand for comfort and continued. “There’s definitely some feelings between us. But we’re going to take the next two weeks and get to know each other better, to see if it’s worth um… management.” He looked at his mom.

“I see. You’ve told her about the management situation then I assume?” Anne said, looking down at her plate.

“I have, and we both agree that before we take that step, we need to have a rock-solid foundation. We agree that we can’t just throw a flimsy relationship into that.”

“Can someone tell me what you guys are talking about? What ‘management situation’?” my aunt piped in. Anne explained to her, using pretty much all the same examples and details that Harry did at the park. “I see. And Hannah, you think you’re ready for something like that?”

“I… I think so. As long as the next couple weeks go well, then yes, I think I can handle it. I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but I can handle it.” I said slowly.   

After probably twenty more minutes of interrogation and planning for our possible trip to London, Anne and Harry decided that it was time to go home for the night. Harry pulled me into another room.

“I wish I was staying here tonight.” His green eyes sparkled in the dimly lit living room.

“Soon, okay? We just have to give things time. I know we want to have a rock-solid foundation by the time we go to London, but rushing ourselves will only hurt us.”

“Okay. Well I want to do something tomorrow. I’ll take you on a proper first date.” He smiled.

“Alright, what do you have in mind?” I giggled.

“It’s a surprise. Dress… casual, but cute.” He seemed proud of himself for whatever he had in mind, which made me nervous. We agreed that he would pick me up at 9 a.m. the next morning. After they left, I went to the kitchen to help my aunt clean up.

“You know, even with all that funny business management is pulling, I think he’s a keeper, Han. He’s a great young lad.” My aunt said as she rinsed the dishes.

“I know.” I smiled at her and finished my chore, excusing myself for the night. I didn’t really want to talk about it anymore. I mean it was great that my aunt was supportive and everything, but I had the feeling that if I let her continue, it was going to turn into her planning our future together. She had a knack for doing things like that. I’d tell her about a boy, and she would automatically try and marry me off, and it scared the poor boy off. I couldn’t let her do that to Harry. After all of our planning and talking today, I realized that I really did like him. And no one, not even management, was going to get in the way of that. He was mine.

The next morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. I had so much to do in order to get ready. I decided on taking a shower first. Once that was done, I sat on my bed in my bathrobe, staring at six outfits I had put together as possibilities. I quickly narrowed it down to three, but I was still trying to choose between them when my aunt walked in. She must’ve seen the frustration in my face, because she sat down next to me and looked over the outfits as well.

“I like that one.” She said, pointing to one of the outfits. It’s the one I had been leaning towards too. It was a pair of black jeans, with a white, off the shoulder top with the British flag on it. I had set out black wedges with it.

“That’s the one I was thinking too. Thanks aunt Georgia.” I smiled as I took the clothes off their hangers and prepared to get dressed.

“Anytime, dear. The coffee’s started, and I’m about to make breakfast. What time will Harry be here?”

“Aw, thank you!! He’ll be here around nine!”

“Hannah, you do realize it’s still 7 in the morning, right?”

“Yes, but I still have to eat breakfast, have coffee, get dressed, do my hair, do my makeup…. And I don’t want him waiting on me!” My aunt just laughed as she left the room. I really loved her.

I got dressed, other than my shoes, and then started in on my makeup. I figured I would tackle my hair after breakfast since it would take longer. I decided on light makeup, just some eyeliner and mascara. I think I had read somewhere a while back (when I was still just a fangirl), that Harry didn’t like girls who wore a lot of makeup. I put in the stud earrings with the British flag on them that I had gotten for my birthday last year as well. Then I went downstairs for breakfast, where my uncle was getting ready to leave for work.

“Good luck on your date today sweetie. I hope it goes well.” My uncle said as he walked out the door.

I sat down at the table to dinosaur pancakes once again. I looked up at my aunt and laughed. “I thought I told you no more dinosaur pancakes!”

“Hey, I thought it was cute, since you have a date today. My little girl is growing up!”

“You sound like my mother!” I giggled and I started eating. I think my aunt was more nervous for this date than I was. She was pacing back and forth and doing this weird thing with her hands. She kept looking towards the door.

“Aunt Georgia, it’s only 7:30. He won’t be here for another hour and a half.”

“I know. Gosh, I’m just so nervous! I really want this to go well for you two! Anne is so scared that he’s never going to find someone real. You could be the girl for him, and then she wouldn’t have to worry! And you would be with this amazing boy…. It’s a win-win situation really. I just really want this to go well.” She ranted.

“I know aunt Georgia. I do too.” I finished my breakfast and coffee and excused myself. Time to work on my hair. I decided to go simple with that too. I blew it dry the rest of the way and loosely curled it… kind of the way Eleanor’s hair is actually. I hairsprayed all of it and put my shoes on. My hair had taken longer than I thought it would. It was already 8:35.

Now I started to get nervous. What if this didn’t go well? Anne and my aunt were counting on this. And I had finally come to the conclusion that I really, really liked Harry. I wanted him really badly. This had to work out. I sat on my bed thinking for a little while.

“Hannah, Harry will be here in about 5 minutes! Anne just texted me saying he was on his way!” my aunt yelled up the stairs.

“Be right there!”

I heard a knock on the door as I was walking down the stairs. My aunt opened the door, and there he was. Harry. He was standing in the doorway looking absolutely adorable, with a single red rose in hand.

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