Being With You

Hannah meets Harry Styles while she is visiting her aunt in Holmes Chapel. Harry introduces her to the band and management. Management decides to mold her into the "perfect girlfriend" just like they did with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. Will she be able to handle it all, with the help of the girls? Or will they try to change her too much? Read and find out!

P.S- I know management sucks, but I also know they probably aren't this bad. It's an exaggeration for the storyline, so no hate because it's dramatic. Thanks! xxx

Also, read my other fanfic (I co-author with my sister). It's called Kiss You! :)


8. Oops

I'm sorry it took so long for this update guys. I meant to put it up Monday morning, but some seriously bad things happened and I just couldn't get to it. But I will be updating regularly again starting now! :)

Hannah’s POV

I woke up the next morning confused. I didn’t know where the hell I was. I rolled over and saw Harry’s sleeping form next to me and nearly fell off the bed, remembering what had happened. I got up quickly and started to get dressed. Just as I was putting my shirt on I heard Harry behind me.

“Where are you going love?”

“Harry! My aunt is going to kill me! I need to get home. Now.”

“Alright, hang on a sec I’ll walk with you.”

I walked downstairs and sat on a couch, waiting for him anxiously. I was tapping my foot and biting my lip when I heard the front door open. Shit. Shit. Shit. I stood up as Anne walked into the room.

“Hi Hannah! How was your night? Your aunt is looking for you,” she said. She raised her eyebrows.

“I know… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I’m not mad about what you two did. I’m happy that you guys are…. Getting along. But you should’ve at least called and let us know that you had made it home safe. For future reference.” She smiled at me and walked to the kitchen as Harry walked down the stairs.

“Are you ready to go Love?”

“Your mum’s here. I’ll just walk, you need to talk to her and apologize too.”

“No I’ll walk you home and then I’ll come back and talk with her it’s alright.”

We walked back to my aunt’s house in silence. When we reached the door I turned to him.

“I want to come in and talk to her with you. I feel bad.” He said. I led him into the house where my aunt was cooking breakfast.

“Hi Hannah! Hi Harry! Do you guys want anything?” I looked at her completely confused. Why didn’t she care either? “Stop looking at me like that Hannah. Anne and I already talked and we feel that you two are old enough to make your own decisions without being babysat. With that being said, next time you aren’t coming home for the night, at least let me know you’re safe somewhere.”

“Okay aunt Georgia. Thank you.” I was completely shocked that they were being so cool about this. But at least I wasn’t getting screamed at.  I went up to her and hugged her and walked with Harry to the door. I kissed him goodbye and decided to head upstairs for a shower.

Harry called me later that day letting me know that he and his mom were coming over. He said that he had offered to help with my aunt’s garden and his mom just wanted to see her.

Once he came over, I went out and helped him plant all the things my aunt had given us. While I was bent down concentrating on planting the seeds the right way, Harry decided to have some fun. He got the hose. Next thing I knew, I was soaking wet and sitting in a puddle of mud. So I did the first thing I could think of. I took a huge handful of mud and threw it at him, staining his jeans and white t-shirt. A mud fight ensued, until, right in the middle of it, I heard clicking. Great. I turned to see a camera lens sticking out of the hedge separating my aunt’s yard from the neighbor’s yard. This was just what we didn’t need. We ran inside as fast as we could and explained to my aunt and Anne that we needed to leave for London sooner than we thought. After all of the pictures from yesterday and now today, we couldn’t push it off anymore. We didn’t want Harry to get in trouble for not clearing things with management.

So he called them, letting them know of the situation, and saying that we would be in London by tomorrow. While he called, I decided that I should start packing. I didn’t know how long I’d be gone for, so I grabbed two suitcases worth of my things, making sure that I had enough for about a month or so. If I needed more, I would just shop in London I decided.

Harry came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, nuzzling his face in my neck.

“Almost ready? I was hoping you could stay at my place again tonight.”

“Yeah, but I want time to say goodbye to my aunt, okay?” I looked up at him. He looked so gorgeous. I kissed him. “Let’s go downstairs.” He took my suitcases, not letting me carry anything. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my purse.

As I walked into the living room, my aunt and Anne were sitting there waiting. I held my arms open for my aunt. She got up and crossed the room, hugging me around my waist and whispering encouragements in ear. She told me that she knew I could do this, and to not let anyone get me down.

“I love you sweetheart,” she said, pulling away. “Good luck to both of you. I think you have something really good going.” She smiled and turned to Harry. She hugged him, also whispering in his ear. He smiled and pulled away nodding.

We walked home with Anne, and she rambled the entire time about making sure that management didn’t screw with us too much. I had never seen her so frustrated. Her pretty face contorted as she spoke about the things she feared might happen. I wasn’t really listening, because I was just kind of thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow. We were driving to London, and we had an appointment at 5 p.m. tomorrow with Simon. I shuddered. That man scared me.

We walked in the door, leaving my things by the door for the morning. We were leaving around 9 a.m. Harry and I went straight upstairs to bed after we said good night to Anne. I hadn’t even gotten into bed before I felt Harry tugging at the hem of my shirt.

“Seriously Harry? You can’t keep it in your pants for ONE night?”

“Please babe?” he begged. “This is our last night as US. No management or other crap to get in the way.”

I responded by pulling him in for a deep kiss, tangling my fingers in his hair.  

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