Being With You

Hannah meets Harry Styles while she is visiting her aunt in Holmes Chapel. Harry introduces her to the band and management. Management decides to mold her into the "perfect girlfriend" just like they did with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. Will she be able to handle it all, with the help of the girls? Or will they try to change her too much? Read and find out!

P.S- I know management sucks, but I also know they probably aren't this bad. It's an exaggeration for the storyline, so no hate because it's dramatic. Thanks! xxx

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12. It's okay.

A/N: Hi everyone!!! Sorry I haven't updated. :(  I was in the hospital last week, so I've been trying to get back into the groove of things. So I hope you like this update!!! Let me know what you think! :)

~Liz <3


Danielle’s POV

I woke up first the morning after we told the boys. At first I was confused, forgetting where I was. Then I looked over, seeing El stirring as well. Perrie woke up a couple of minutes after that. We got up to put tea on, deciding to let Hannah sleep. I felt horrible, looking at her tear stained face. She was just a kid for Christ’s sake. We had just put the water on when Eleanor’s eyes went wide.

“Guys… did you notice anything missing from the living room?!” My eyes went wide as well when I realized what she was talking about. Then I felt stupid. How did I not realize it? The boys weren’t there.

“They had better be having a meeting in Harry’s bedroom, because so help me God, if they did something stupid with management…” Perrie trailed off as she stormed out of the kitchen.

We looked everywhere. Even in closets. We didn’t want to face the fact that they actually weren’t here. We all looked at each other with panicked faces.

“We have to get Hannah up. Like now. And then everybody needs to start calling them,” I said. The girls agreed, and we walked into the living room just as she was blinking her eyes open.

“Hannah they’re gone!” El yelled. Guess we weren’t going to be calm about this. Okay.

Hannah’s eyes went wide, and quickly filled with sheer terror.

“I knew we shouldn’t have told them. Oh my god, what did we do? They’re going to kill them oh my god.” She started rocking back and forth and crying. I crossed the room quickly and wrapped her in my arms.

“Shh babe. Maybe they just went to talk to them. Or maybe they got called in for rehearsals. That happens sometimes.” I tried to soothe her, but it wasn’t working. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were filled with doubt and I knew she had a million things running through her head. A noise sounded from the door and my head snapped up, hearing 5 voices joking around and laughing.

Hannah’s POV

I was trying so hard to calm myself down, but it wasn’t working. I heard a key turn in the front door, and the 5 boys walked in, joking and laughing, with coffee and breakfast in hand. They stopped dead when they saw our faces. All of us had been crying. A look of realization swept across all of their faces and they started stumbling over their words. El wasted no time. She walked straight over to Louis, slapping him in the arm repeatedly.

“You idiot! No note! No call! Nothing! You just left me to wake up alone, freaking out! I thought you went and did something stupid!! You idiot! How could you be so stupid?!” she yelled at him. He grabbed her hands.

“Babe! BABE!! I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about it, I’m so so sorry!” Louis tried to calm her. She collapsed into his arms, crying again. Everyone else was still frozen.

I was so angry at Harry. How could he not think about what that would do to us? How could he just leave? He looked at me with an apology clear in his eyes. I just shook my head and leaned into Dani’s side.

“We’re so sorry girls. None of us even thought about it. We all woke up, and wanted you guys to be able to sleep. We thought it might be nice to wake up to some breakfast and coffee is all.” Liam looked as his shoes as he tried to explain. I knew it was silly to be mad, they were just trying to be nice. I looked up at Dani and she nodded.

“What did you get us then, dummy?” I asked with a smile. They all looked up with hopeful smiles. Liam dropped the bags on the coffee table and started handing out different breakfast sandwiches. Harry came over to me.

“I got you your favorite coffee. I remembered from the first day we met.” He smiled at me shyly.

“Aw. Now how could I be mad at that?” I laughed and took it from him. As we ate breakfast, we all joked around with each other. Niall had like three times more than anyone else, so we poked fun at him a lot. I found myself completely adoring Louis’ sense of humor. As if El was reading my thoughts, she piped up.

“You know Hannah, I think we should switch boyfriends for the day.” I looked at her completely confused, and a little astounded. “Oh, not like that! I mean Harry and I should go out for the day, and you and Lou should go out for the day. Things are all tense around here, and Lou is Harry’s best friend. You two should be close! It’ll be fun!”

I looked to Louis and Harry, trying to gauge their reactions. They were smirking at each other.

“What do you say Hazza? Wanna trade ladies for a while?” He had a mischievous glint in his eyes.  

“We’re just having bonding time, not stealing girlfriends, mate. Get that look off your face.” Harry laughed. “I suppose that would be alright, as long as Hannah’s okay with it.” I nodded slowly.

“Great! Let’s go get ready then lovely!” El said, yanking me out of the room.

Well this was going to be an interesting day. I was just glad everything was okay for the time being.  

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