Being With You

Hannah meets Harry Styles while she is visiting her aunt in Holmes Chapel. Harry introduces her to the band and management. Management decides to mold her into the "perfect girlfriend" just like they did with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. Will she be able to handle it all, with the help of the girls? Or will they try to change her too much? Read and find out!

P.S- I know management sucks, but I also know they probably aren't this bad. It's an exaggeration for the storyline, so no hate because it's dramatic. Thanks! xxx

Also, read my other fanfic (I co-author with my sister). It's called Kiss You! :)


3. First Kiss

Harry’s POV

I lay there in bed that night, thinking about Hannah. She was different, I could tell. I just had a sense about people in that way. She was genuine. When she had squeezed my hand when we overheard my mom earlier, it was like electric. I know, that’s so cliché. I meet a girl, and fall in love with her as soon as I meet her, and we live happily ever after. Blah blah blah. But it wasn’t like that. I knew I wasn’t exactly in love yet. I just knew that I felt something, and I wanted to get to know her better to see what it was.

I realized I hadn’t even asked her how long she’d be in Holmes Chapel for. Not that I would be here very long, but still. I only had two weeks of down time before I had to be back in London to record more songs. I loved our music, but a lot of them were love songs, and-I don’t know- I guess I didn’t really relate to them as much as Louis or Zayn did.

I fell asleep thinking of ways to see her again, and what I would do when I did.


Hannah’s POV

When I woke up the next morning, I shot straight up out of bed. My aunt hadn’t woken me, and judging by the sunlight outside, it had to be around 11 right now. I grabbed my cell phone and saw that the time was 10:52. I got up, threw my hair into a messy bun, and threw on jeans and an old Beatles t-shirt. When I got downstairs, the house was empty. I knew my uncle would be at work, but I had no clue where my aunt was. She was a writer, so she worked mostly from home. I walked into the kitchen and found a note taped to the fridge:

Good Morning Liz! Gone out to lunch and shopping with Anne. If you get bored, Harry’s free today!  

And below that she had scribbled down an address that was just a few streets away. I was about to go upstairs to make myself look presentable when there was a knock on the door. It was none other than Harry. I pulled open the door and laughed.

“Same note, I assume?” I said, holding up my little piece of paper.

“Leave it to them, huh?” he laughed, pulling another small paper out of his pocket.

“Well, let me go change into a decent outfit, and maybe we can go for a walk or something, yeah?”

He shook his head at me. “First of all, you look perfect right now, and second, why don’t we just hang out here and watch a movie or something?”

“Uh… alright. What do you want to watch?” I asked, suddenly getting nervous.

“Let’s watch something scary! Do you have anything good?”

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t watch scary movies. I am a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat.”

“All the more reason to watch one.” He smirked as he looked through my aunt and uncle’s DVD collection.

“Whatever you say Styles, but if I embarrass myself it’s your fault. I’ll go get some popcorn.” I laughed.

When I came back into the living room the movie was paused and Harry was standing over at the mantle, looking at pictures of me from when I was little. My family was really small, and my aunt and uncle didn’t have any kids of their own, so I had become like a daughter to them. There were pictures of me everywhere in this house.

“You played football?” he asked, sounding impressed.

“It’s called soccer where I’m from, but yeah. I played for six years.”

“That’s awesome.” He smiled. “What do you say we start this movie now, eh?”

The movie had literally just started, and I was terrified. Harry pulled me close, and I think I spent maybe thirty seconds out of the entire movie with my head not buried in his chest hiding. I was going to have nightmares for weeks after this.

“Was it really that bad Love?” He asked.

I nodded my head and grabbed the popcorn bowl to take it to the kitchen. He followed me, and as I rinsed the bowl in the sink, I felt his arms fall on either side of me to grab the counter, trapping me. I slowly turned around and stared at him with wide eyes. As he got closer to me, my heart just about stopped. Soon, his lips were on mine and he pinned me to the counter. I reached my hands up to play with his hair, and pull him closer.

I pulled away first, after I realized what was really happening. He looked really disappointed.

“Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry, I just thought, I don’t know. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I can leave if you want me to…” He was talking a mile a minute. I shut him up by grabbing him and pulling him in for another kiss. It felt amazing. It wasn’t like anyone else I’d kissed before. We were interrupted by someone clearing their throat, sounding amused.

“Oh my god, Anne… Aunt Georgia… I’m sorry. It’s not what you think, we just…”

“Aw, it’s not what we think?” my aunt started.

Anne finished her sentence with, “But this would be really lovely if it’s what we think!”

Harry and I looked at each other completely confused. “Oh nevermind you two!” my aunt laughed. “Anne, would you and Harry like to join us for dinner? William is working late, so it’ll just be the four of us.”

“Of course we would!” Anne almost shouted. Harry and I shook our heads and decided to take a walk while they were cooking, since we were shooed from the kitchen. We needed to talk about what had just happened, and what it meant for us going forward.


A/N: So I hope you guys are liking it so far. The plot will kick in soon, I promise! If you have any suggestions for me, you can comment below, or, follow me on Twitter and ask me on there. @British_Love714  Thanks lovelies! I will try to update again either tonight or tomorrow. :)

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