Being With You

Hannah meets Harry Styles while she is visiting her aunt in Holmes Chapel. Harry introduces her to the band and management. Management decides to mold her into the "perfect girlfriend" just like they did with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. Will she be able to handle it all, with the help of the girls? Or will they try to change her too much? Read and find out!

P.S- I know management sucks, but I also know they probably aren't this bad. It's an exaggeration for the storyline, so no hate because it's dramatic. Thanks! xxx

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7. First Date

A/N: Omg I'm so sorry! I hate hate hate college! Here's an update, and I promise to have a long chapter up tomorrow.

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Harry’s POV

Her aunt yanked the door open before I even had the chance to knock. I stumbled back, a little bit scared.

“Anne told me you were coming, so I was watching for you!” she had a huge smile plastered on her face. I looked around her, and saw Hannah frozen on the stairs looking at me. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her aunt invited me in, and I held my hand out, guiding her down the rest of the stairs. I handed her the rose and she smiled.

“Thank you Harry.”

“Ready to go?” I asked. She nodded and I wrapped my arm around her waist, leading her back to the doorway. We got into the car, and as we pulled out of the driveway, I turned the radio on. Ed Sheerhan’s “A Team” was playing. She began singing along to it, looking out the window. I glanced over at her in shock. She had a really good voice.  

“Don’t even start with me Styles,” she said, reading my mind. “Where are we going anyway?”

“You’ll see.” I smirked at her. She sat back in her seat and stared out the window. It was quiet the rest of the twenty minute drive, except the radio playing softly. Her eyes lit up when she saw the scene before her.

It was a giant theme park. She hopped out of the car like a little kid, squealing in delight.

“I love amusement parks!” She grabbed my hand and started dragging me toward the entrance. I smiled as I bought our tickets, with her still clinging onto me. She wanted to do all of the roller coasters first. That kind of freaked me out a little bit, but I figured I’d be fine.

I went to go to the express lane, since I had bought the passes for it, but she pulled me back.

“The lines aren’t that long today, and waiting is half the fun!” she yelled. I giggled, and followed her over to the end of the line. A girl next to us noticed right away who I was and started freaking out, talking ‘quietly’ to her friends. Finally she turned and asked me for a photo. I said yes, on the condition that she didn’t make a scene, since I was on a date. She then glared at Hannah, but agreed. This might be a tough day.


Hannah’s POV

I knew it was something I would have to get used to being with Harry, but this was new to me. It shocked me at first that girls were asking my date for pictures. Coming back to reality and realizing he was a worldwide sensation, I accepted it and hung back a little.

After a couple glares and a couple pictures, the girls finally left us alone. We were still probably 30 people from the front, so we had another twenty minute wait. Harry was leaning on the railing staring over at me when I went over and hugged him around the waist.

“That’s going to take some getting used to,” I said looking up at him. He looked down at me with hopeful eyes.

“Going to take some getting used to? So you mean…?”

“I really like you Harry. I really really do. I want to be with you no matter what.”

With that being said, he leaned down and kissed me, slowly at first, but then passionately. All around us, I heard the shutters of cameras clicking. In that moment though, it didn’t matter to me. It was just Harry and I, together and happy.

Once we got to the front of the line, we got on the coaster, and it was AMAZING! I had so much fun. We walked through the park hand in hand, occasionally stopping for pictures with fans. I was flattered that fans were asking for pictures with me too. Apparently that morning, Anne had tweeted a picture of Harry and I last night at dinner, so people already knew who I was. She had also given a stern warning that I was not to be messed with, and I was being accepted by the fandom fairly quickly. After all, I was just one of them.

After going on pretty much every ride in the park, Harry wanted to try some of the carnival-style games there. On the second one he tried he won a stuffed bear that was literally the size of me. He handed it to me with a proud look on his face.

“Harry if I try and carry this it’s going to squash me!” I giggled. He took it in one hand, and grabbed my hand at the other. The paps had been following us pretty much the entire day, but by now I had just let them fade into the background. After watching the firework show at the end of the night we headed home. I was giddy about the whole day, and I couldn’t shut up on the drive home.

 Anne had decided to stay with my aunt that night because Harry’s stepdad wasn’t home and we didn’t know when we would be back. So before I knew it, we were at his house, in his bedroom, and he was on top of me. I slowly lifted his shirt over his head, and he looked down at me with a smile.

This was going to be a VERY good night. ;)

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