Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


6. the phone call


Tate’s pov

Lauren came back after a while. She told me all about her night. She had a pretty good night with this guy named Harry. I was happy for her. Then she asked me about my night and I told her all about it and about the next morning while we ate the food that I brought. She took some food too, but that was it.

We went on a walk after.

“It’s weird that you didn’t take that much from this guy.” I whispered. She didn’t say anything for a while. Then she jumped in front of me and started talking way to fast.

“He was so great. Not like any other guy I have slept with. I don’t mean he was good at having sex, well that too, but he was so passionate and I felt something.”

“Wow this is a first.” I said.

“Ya I know. He was just such a gentleman even though I don’t remember a lot of last night. I hoped you had fun and sorry for leaving you alone.” She stopped and started breathing.

“Nah it’s alright. We both had a great time.”

“Do you know what’s funny. He had to go to work in the morning to so I didn’t see him.” She said puzzled.

“Probably a coincidence, but he left me his number, but I’m never going to call him back.”

“What! No you have to! let me see the note.” She squeaked. I sighed as I sat on a bench and took the note out of my pocket. She snatched it out of my hand and started reading.

“O my god you have to call him, even the guy in the hall wanted you to come what if he invites us to his concert!” She was way too excited.

“Fine give me 50 cents.” I said as I got up and walked to a telephone poll. I put his number in. For some reason I was so nervous. It started beeping. I just wanted to hang up, but he picked up right when I was about to.

“Hello?” He said. Wow his voice was sexy through the phone. I couldn’t speak until Lauren smacked my arm.

“Hi, It’s Tate from last night.” I said. My voice was shaking so hard.

Zayn’s pov

Wow she called this early. I was shocked no girl would ever have the courage to even call me.

“Oh hey whats up?” I asked. Niall was listening to the whole conversation. He kept mouthing “who is it”. He was getting annoying so I mouthed “Tate” back.

“Nothing really. Sorry I feel really dumb it hasn’t even been a day. My friend made me call you.”She said really fast.

“It’s alright love. I was going to call you soon.” Niall was now trying to steal the phone from me.

“Ask her to come to the concert tonight.” Niall yelled making it clear for Tate to hear it. I pushed him away. I could hear her laugh in the background it was so cute.

“Well would you like to?” I asked.

“I would love to. Would it be okay if I brought a friend?” She asked.

“For sure, Just tell your name to the guard and he’ll give you VIP tickets so you can come backstage.”

“O okay thank you for all the trouble your going through.” She said.

“No its nothing. I love to talk more, but I got to go for sound check I will see you tonight than at the staples center.”

“Ya for sure. I’ll see you.” She said as she hung up. I had to be extra good tonight.

Lauren’s pov

She hung the phone up and started jumping up and down.

“Were going to his concert!” She yelled as she hugged me tight.

Authors note:

hope you guys like it. leave comments on what i should do next. Or dont love you anyway yolo

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